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If I love and wish to marry someone of a different gender and you love and wish to marry someone of your own gender, I do not believe that your marriage in any way undermines my marriage. One reason people used to give (and still give) for opposing interracial marriage was the children. What about that business about undermining the sanctity of marriage in general?As in: Well, yes we do have issues, just as every other group or combination of groups has issues. I believe that if one couple’s inter-sex marriage is undermined by another couple’s same-sex marriage, then the first marriage wasn’t particularly strong to begin with.

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This echoes the experience of so many mixed-race Americans. For some of us, like Barack Obama or Halle Berry, our African ancestry is plainly visible.

For others, like Wentworth Miller and Carol Channing—not so much.

We are also teachers, doctors, lawyers, dancers, writers, husbands, wives, same-sex partners, parents … Same-sex marriages don’t undermine marriage any more than same-race marriages do.

What undermines marriage is marrying someone because your publicist told you to.

I didn’t grow up feeling particularly different from the white or black people I met.