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No matter how far away from home we travel, whether kidnapped, stranded or lost, the quest to return home is priority for any human being.

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I have NEVER had this much time to write and I’m afraid when I return home I will be spoiled rotten!but when the topic of spirituality arises, for some reason or another we look elsewhere.” Returning Home: Death of WSR “Even with resistance from modern intellectual and political fronts and beliefs, Meritah (Africa) has come to be understood as the birthplace of the ingenuity of humanity…but when the topic of spirituality arises, for some reason or another we look elsewhere.” Kemetic Events & Holy Days The Death of WSR Mapping the Cosmos: Kemetic Time Keeping & The Zodiac Art For Thought Sunnyside Online Ateeri 415 (Nov 10 – Dec 9 2015) Connect With The Earth Center Online Subscribe Now Join Our Mailing List to receive Sunnyside Online and other news from The Earth Center.My creativity is flying and I’m hanging on to its coattails trying to keep up!Perhaps eventually a bit of wander lust might set in but for now I’m very happy!Receive Hard Copies delivered to your door every month.

Rising Firefly Volume 70 (Autumn 2015) Quarterly Journal of Kemetic Philosophy, Spirituality and Culture Available Now! Box 802737 | Chicago | IL | 60680 Share This With 2 or 3 Friends Learn About Kemetic Holy Days, Gods, Goddesses, Proverbs, and Zodiacs.

To talk about authenticity is to talk about dignity.

And he who talks about dignity talks about remaining incorruptible… Repatriation Purpose of Initiation The basic survival instinct is to return home.

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Imagine living in a place where every symbol that represents your home is considered evil, ignorant or obsolete.