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My xbox 360 froze while updating

It looks like there was an update in late June/early July 2016 for Xbox 360 that is causing a hard crash of my console after a few minutes of play.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to play a new game and having that game’s installation stall for no reason that you can see on your television.Then i bought the ROS Ultimate Evil Edition (On Bluray) and everything became freezy and laggy.After making some research i saw that this was an issue but fixed on 1.0.4.It's unpredictable how long I can go before the crash, and it doesn't seem related to any specific action within the game.I've tried reinstalling the game, update, and all DLC, but it still happens.Most annoying when a nice Conduit Treasure Goblin pack on top of each other.

Means nothing when game freezes on that.blizzard, is there really no patch 2.1 for diablo on PS3 well, this patch is needed for itif there is no patch 2.1 available for PS3, why u release diablo 3 on PS3 in the first placeshould have release it only on PS4patch should come to all, not selective console only I was playing with the original D3 game on blu-ray and it was updated to 1.0.4.

When that happens, try downloading the game to a flash drive by using someone else’s Xbox.

If you have this problem a lot, stay with disc games so that you avoid huge installation files when a game launches.

I decided to check my version just to foind out that it was updated to 1.0.2.

The original D3 file is on 1.0.4 but the Ros Ultimate evil edition is on 1.0.2.

Stuck Xbox One game installs aren’t to be confused with slow Xbox One game downloads.