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My sharepoint sites not updating

Even the best Share Point users still employ folders (me included). Yes, but you must do that you want to open a library in File Explorer.

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Permissions on document libraries have been separated from the parent, configured so that only specific users can view or modify.Folder structures are still common (if not default).This may not be best practice, but it’s a real-world response by users who have lived with folders for decades.By default, the Share Point sites that you follow in the configured social server, are shown in the Sites tab, under All Sites, marked with a yellow star on the site icon (). shares your added sites with all your clients (mobile and email).Sites you add in Mobile, for example, will be shared and automatically added to your for Outlook.Running the “Check permissions” tool on user xyz library produces and confirms “Access for user abc: None”.

Oddly, if users click on “all site content”, they are able to see all document libraries listed.

So I recently built a “vanilla” Share Point 2016 Beta 2 machine, which was hosting a Portal site and a My Site so nothing complicated.

Once it was done however whenever I clicked to follow anything is told me I needed to have some things setup.

I’d like to cover the arguments on why File Explorer can be a good solution.

The first section covers thoughts on the solution from an IT perspective; the second section covers arguments drive mapping from a user perspective. Alerts are there for when you need to set up notifications, which isn’t all that frequent (they’re meant to be set-it-and-forget-it). If you’ve already trained your users about Share Point’s benefits, then drive mapping is simply a convenience.

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