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My boyfriend had an online dating profile

my boyfriend had an online dating profile-36

It seems like a match made in heaven and I’m crazy about the guy. And I just can’t tell if it should be a deal-breaker or not.

Maybe I’m a little egocentric, but that shit wouldn’t fly with me. If you're 42 but look 32, say so (or let your picture do the talking). After you read advice on writing a great online dating profile to attract women you should be ready to apply this advice and write your own great dating profile. If you're not comfortable putting your picture up online, avoid overselling your appearance with dubious claims like "Sharon Stone look-alike." I started my magazine personal with: "Curvy, almond-eyed writer, fit (good shoulders)...." My husband says he was attracted to the soft sell of the description and the quirky confidence of the assertion. Instead of saying you're funny or well educated or caring, demonstrate that. And even if I’m not as interested in her past as she is in mine, I can still name all of her family members, friends, exes, and co-workers.

Yeah, between us, there aren’t many silences in the Katz household. If you can live with this, because he’s a kind, loyal person with a solid job and strong values, I wouldn’t judge you.

I’m just so thrilled that he’s sensitive, attractive, affectionate, and attentive, and that he chose me!

He’s even commented about how happy he is with me because I’m so easy-going.

If you’re pretty, nice, and accept him as he is, he’s probably gonna be a happy camper.

I have 2 things to say: 1) I agree with what you said in your answer.

Here's what I've learned about writing a good ad: 1.