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Ms project tasks not updating

They function as a “this task is complete” checkbox. Share Point Task Lists come with several handy views. First, views are available just below the Timeline, but above the first listed task.Once you check this box, you’ll see a strikethrough appear on the task name and the % complete will update to 100% (as will the percent complete in your MPP). Second, you can go to the Ribbon, click the “List” tab, and point to the views drop-down menu. Note that the Timeline remains at the top, as well.

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This places all your tasks on a calendar so you can see what’s being worked on with respect to a given date.These checkboxes are specifically for enabling the “Tasks” tab in the ribbon (allowing you to modify the task itself).Additionally, Task Lists provide another checkbox, which is more obvious and visible.And thanks to Share Point views, you can also display the information in just the right way for the right people.Here’s my new Share Point Task List based on the MPP I synced using the “Create a new site” method described in my earlier post.When it’s time to make an update, you’ve got a couple options.

If you’re editing only one task, click the blue checkbox to the left of the task name, then point to the Ribbon and click Task Edit Item. However, if you’re editing multiple tasks or, say, running a status update meeting and don’t want to be held up by page loads each time a change needs to be made, click the “edit this list” link above the first task, shown below.

Next, the “My Tasks” view basically takes the original “All Tasks” view and filters the list to only tasks that have been assigned to whichever person is viewing the list.

It’s this view that makes the Resources entries in the MPP file mentioned in my previous post so important.

Your project team likely has regular meetings to cover progress and status updates.

Anyone with at least view access to the Share Point Task List is able to see the project, inspect the tasks, identify the owners, and understand the progress of operations. Start at the home page of your site and, presuming it hasn’t been renamed, the Task List is available on the left-side Quick Launch under “Tasks”.

They can quickly overlap and clutter up the Timeline, making it not so pretty. The Timeline spans the distance from the earliest to latest task that has been added to the Timeline, the entire length of the project. Because the Timeline is easy to change, it can be a great spot to “promote” big tasks coming up in the next week or month as a sort-of dashboard view of upcoming work at status meetings.