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Ms project dates not updating

ms project dates not updating-90

I am working off a project from project server 2010 and opening the project via project 2010 application.But when i change a predecessor task duration the start date of the dependent task does not change. Hi, usually there are a few things you should check if a task's dates don't change after a predecessor has been updated: - task constraint: if you double click the task and look at the "Advanced" tab, the constraint type should be "As soon as possible" - actual dates: in the Gantt chart view please show the "Task Details Form" in the lower part of the screen.

The main considerations to make are listed below: Project provides a lot of help to spot these potential problems.Chances are pretty good that once you understand the mechanics behind it, you’ll agree with the automation.See Parts 2 and 3 to become familiar with several of the other reasons why the task settings in Microsoft Project might work outside of your expectation.If you think a date or a link is acting strangely, then don’t give up.Project is doing what it was designed to do; you just need to hang in there and understand how Project deals with dates, links, and constraints as it schedules your tasks.To make sure Project is able to help you spot these problems, it’s a good idea to preset a couple of options in your plan.

The first of these is the ; make sure that it’s ticked, as in Figure 1.

In most cases, Project is not misbehaving; you need to understand what Project assumes when it schedules tasks.

In this series, we’ll explore how Project’s scheduling algorithms use links, constraints, preset options, and dates to automatically set your task start and finish dates.

I the attached if i change the duration of the task number 13 the start date of the 18th task does not change. You can do this clicking on the "View" ribbon, then set the checkmark at "Details" in the "Split view" section, then select "Task Details View" from the pulldown. Simply if the task you are modifying has already passed the current date and has a certain amount of percentage completed changing the dates will not effect the dependent tasks.

in the form at the bottom of the screen, select "Actual" in the "Dates" section on the left. If there is a date, you have an actual start date that overrules the scheduled date from the predecessor. I used this a few times before when I needed to exchange MPP files. So we need to reset the tasks to 0% compete and then change the dates.

As seen in Figure 3, a pane appears on the left side of your screen showing the reasons why a Task Start Date may have the value it does.