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But dismissing his claim, the judge said: 'Her explanation is far more probable, namely that she was the only one in a financial position to make these payments.'The judge went on to order that the property cannot now be sold without Miss Bouchiba being given half the equity.

Mr Turner also said his ex was 'a bullying and domineering woman' and 'a reckless spendaholic.'But the judge said that the documentation in relation to her 'suggests a somewhat different character'Finding for Miss Bouchiba, the judge called Mr Turner's version of events 'incredible.''His evidence as a whole...contains a series of improbable and implausible explanations which are inconsistent with the documents and other verification produced by him,' he said.'By contrast, Ms Bouchiba was a straightforward and candid witness.The judge delivered his decision on the dispute in May, but it has only just been published.Neighbours either side of the property, which was bought by the couple for £250,000 in 2009, said they had not seen Mr Turner for 'a good few days.'One said: 'Shaun comes and goes, we don't see him for long periods and then you wake up in the morning and see his car outside.'I don't know where he goes.That was despite Ms Bouchiba having been the main breadwinner in the family and having covered almost all the mortgage payments on the house until the breakup.Now Judge Owen Rhys has awarded Ms Bouchiba half the value of the property saying it would be 'unconscionable' to allow Mr Turner to have his way and leave her empty-handed.While the term has several meanings, the most frequent usage refers to two people exploring whether they are romantically or sexually compatible by participating in dates with the other.

With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

During that time Miss Bouchiba, a parenting coach, 'was always in paid employment..had always taken on the burden of financial support of the family without help from Mr Turner other than in very limited ways,' she told the judge.

The judge found that Mr Turner had then 'only worked for short periods', having heard he split his time between living on benefits and doing part time jobs whilst 'Miss Bouchiba took on the primary financial burden of maintaining the family.'However by the time the couple began to look for a home to buy, Mr Turner had a steady job providing therapy services for local authorities.

Dorothy Stein, 48, from New Jersey, was nicknamed Dr Dot by musician Frank Zappa in the early days of her career when she used her skills to nab free concert tickets and meet her favourite rock stars backstage.

She says: 'Naturally, I ask the client if they want to try it first.

A benefits-claiming therapist who told his breadwinner fiancee she was not getting a penny when they split has been ordered to split their £500,000 family home.