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Monique dating gerald levert

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Meanwhile, Kim and Stevie try to ditch their dates from the charity auction.After Nikki and Kim fail to convince Frank to give them a large discount on a Saturn, they buy a car at a police auction.

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Kim is absolutely, mad and jealous and puts Stevie in a bad place to be her enemy fighting over Hakeem.Kim is thrilled when Camille places a huge order for one of her designs, but delivering the goods in time might mean putting college on hold, and incurring the wrath of Nikki.Nikki and Kim's dream vacation in Mexico turns into a nightmare after they're kicked out of the country, and then exposed to a potentially deadly virus on the plane ride home and quarantined.When Nikki learns that the professor lives in the same building, she makes a move for the apartment.Over there, Nikki and Andell meet Sophia, Stevie’s mother, and Rachel.But the thrill of making fast cash quickly fades, however, when they meet one of their regular callers and see what the hotline has really done for her.

Meanwhile, Nikki tries to score points with Professor Oglevee by dog sitting, unaware of his dog's bizarre condition.

Meanwhile, Kim, Stevie and the other members of "Triple A" try to get dates for Valentine's Day with the singing group Ideal, but they must first cancel their dates with T and his frat brothers.

Professor Oglevee has his twin brother, Sylvester, take his place at a school charity auction, where Sly romances a very confused Nikki.

Then afterwords after a big change in life, Nikki decides to realize that Cliff has changed, but not on what Kim heard, cause after what he's been doing, he was gambling with "T" into taking his earring away, and he did.

Then in keeping it a secret, Kim decides to buy "T" a new ring.

But Nikki makes a comeback by offending Garland with skinny jokes.