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My wife and I visited her mother a few times a year. Within this short period she came 3 or 4 more times and she came hard. Finally was I ready to shoot, I withdrew my cock and directed it towards her face! She was laying on the bed naked with legs widespread.My wife is very close and friendly with her mom, so we always find a way to visit her mom who lives alone. she opened her mouth and a heavy jet of cum flew out of my shaft and landed on her face from her forehead to the chin, then, again and again, spurts kept falling all over that sluttish face! She was looking at me horny and said: “I’m so horny I want your cock now. ” I was a bit nervous because I just spent the last half an hour on fucking her mom, and had no idea if I could get that cock hard quick enough.

Chad and his thirty-seven-year-old mother Jennifer Maykis had a unique and loving relationship with each other, a relationship that developed into an incestuous one since he turned eighteen. "Because I saw you looking back and forth between this set and me at the store, I know how you are sweetie. " "Let me show it to you with some more poses baby, then you can know what to expect the next time we go swimming at home." "Please do Mom, I love how it shows off your curves! I got another surprise for you and I think that you will really like this one..." "It keeps getting better and better, so sign me up! Maybe one day, but now I want you to focus on me, your mother." "Could you... You know I love watching you play with yourself." "I certainly can sweetheart, here... This went on for what felt like an eternity, something that they both did not mind as they made love in every position possible. You really thought of everything today..." "I did... Mother and son were in perfect sync with each other, each trust that Chad made was met with Jennifer's body slapping against his. Cum with me, cum together with me and let me impregnate you! This is a small story between a son and his mother. I love you Chad." "And I love you so fucking much Mom! It takes place in the same universe as The Best Cure Is Love so you will be seeing a familiar face in the later part. ***** "Chad Maykis, please go to Room 34B on floor three, I repeat, Chad Maykis, please go to the Room 34B on floor three, thank you! Why do I get into this trouble when Brian goes around playing pranks on these girls? Speaking of the first time..." "Oh baby, ooooh baby! At the age of sixteen his mother got pregnant with him after her boyfriend at that time managed to knock her up. " "Oh yes Mom, oh yes." "Look at my nipples sweetie, they already are so hard for you, will you play with them? " "Mhmmm, look at the precum coating your boxers baby, did Mommy get you that excited? Go ahead." Chad took a chair and sat down in front of his mother sporting a massive erection, he again could hear the rustling of clothes again. Mhmmm, she is the only other person that I would allow to be 'close' with you." Chad gulped at her honesty. Let Mommy show more of herself to you..." "Oh Chad, baby, yes, look at me like that. " Chad had reached his limit, he was breathing heavily and his cock leaked precum everywhere.

He demanded her to take an abortion but Jennifer refused, saying that she would give her child all the love it deserves. " "Definitely Mom..." "And my pussy is so wet baby, can you see how moist it is? "Go ahead dear, open your eyes and enjoy the view..." Again, he did as she told. " "Mom, it always is a sight to behold your beauty. You and Gran of course, no one else comes close to the two of you! Look at me with those lust filled eyes." "Mom your pussy is so beautiful, it's so juicy, tight and cute.

Jennifer managed, with help from her Mom, to pursue her goals and was very successful at them. " "No, if Matthew was there than this would not have happene-, wait, Mom are you not wearing panties?! After hearing that you got yourself into trouble, and what the reason for it was, I got more nervous." "I know Mom, and I'm sorry for what happened, but you have to believe me, I had nothing to do with it, you know that I love you." "I know honey, I shouldn't have gotten so tense about it but... I think I can help you with all that stress of yours." Jennifer started to giggle at her son's words. He also agreed with me that I would have the most impact on you after that 'little incident' that Brian apparently caused." "I see... " "Why do you think I asked you to meet me in this room on the third floor? Play with yourself Mom, show your son what a naughty mother you can be." "Yes, yes!

Every free hour of her time went to Chad and she did gave him all the love that he deserved, just like she promised that she would. So, care to explain to me what all the fuzz is about? Well go on, don't wait for me, tell me more." "Well... Maykis, I would never do something like that and you know it! I guess I got a little jealous after hearing about you and other... "Well since you can help me, why not do something here for a little while? Mommy will play with herself for her cute manly son.

And thanks for checking out another illustrated story by yours truly. Jennifer rocked back and forth again, their motions perfectly connecting through their love making.

I said that I wouldn't be doing another one but I couldn't resist! Just like the first time, remember how I fucked you like this? Sounds of slapping bodies, moaning and the creaking of furniture could be heard in the small room. I want to be on top again, I want to ride that fat cock of yours again." Chad knew exactly what she meant and was happy to oblige.

Even worse is that he is attending another university than me but still manages to get me into this mess... I want you to take care of me like I will do for you. I can feel your pussy swallowing and sucking me in with every trust." "That's because it feels so good baby, my whole body wants you, needs you!