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Une convention est un événement qui se déroule généralement sur deux ou trois jours et qui est dédiée à un(e) ou plusieurs série(s) / film(s).

In 1955, the staff added Frank Arsenault, considered to be the best rudimental drummer of his day, to work with the drummers.By 1960, the Cavaliers were a national powerhouse in the drum corps activity, but the corps' existence was not easy.Money was short, and the American Legion Kosciusko Post and the Chicago's Own VFW Post tried to meet the corps' financial needs, but the temporary banning of bingo and other, similar fundraisers by the State of Illinois was an almost crippling blow.The corps members took a part of the fund-raising on themselves, sponsoring a "Family Fun Night", complete with clowns, games, food at the "Cavalier Cafe", and a chance to hit Don Warren in the face with a whipped cream pie; for an investment of only $39, they raised $1000.The corps' high level of competition also made recruitment difficult.Il est important de rappeler que sans pass, vous ne pourrez pas avoir accès à la convention.

Si vous avez acheté des extras sans ce précieux sésame, vous ne pourrez pas les réaliser et vous aurez donc perdu de l'argent inutilement.

The uniform maker informed them that, after a summer's wear, their sharp, chartreuse uniforms would be sun-bleached to pastel blandness, and he recommended that they chose a color that would last--- Kelly green.

After being an also-ran for their first two seasons of field competition, the Cavaliers won their first contest in 1952.

During the 1960 season, the Cavies maintained their status as a national power, even though they won no national titles.

As part of the solution to the ongoing problems of money and recruiting, in 1961, the Chicago's Own VFW was replaced by the Park Ridge VFW Post 3579, marking the beginning of the Cavaliers' move from being a "city" corps to being "suburban".

For entering field competition, new uniforms were needed that were cooler than the old wool ones in both style and practicality.