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Misc webcam sex partners

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The cerebral narcissist feels that sex is demeaning and degrading.

The somatic narcissist resorts to serial sexual conquests; his sex partners are considered by him to be mere objects – sources of narcissistic supply.Marriage, monogamy, and child rearing are common activities sought after by the average person.However, the narcissist feels robbed of his uniqueness by these common pursuits and feels forced into the roles of husband or father.With the exception of the meaningful women in his life (all saints), he tends to view all other females in a negative light.There is another very different type of narcissist.For the narcissist, sex is a mechanical act, devoid of intimacy and commitment.

He rarely gets emotionally-involved with his “targets” as he will need to move on to get new sources of narcissistic supply.

He then indiscriminately engages in sex with multiple partners.

He will explain that his other sexual partners are nothing to him, meaningless, that he is merely taking advantage of them.

The cerebral narcissist tells himself that he is above all that, endowed as he is with superior intellect and superior self-control.

The cerebral narcissist does not enjoy sex and prefers m**********n or emotionless sex (such as going to prostitutes).

This narcissistic injury leads him to rebel and reassert his superiority and specialness by engaging in extramarital affairs.