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Military dating preferences

“Is it racist to have a preference when it comes to the race of the people you date? He didn’t have any real reasons for his preferences and I had more than a strong suspicion that they were informed by stereotypes about all of the groups he mentioned rather than by any real personal experience with them. Being a young person of colour in one of the most diverse cities in the world where dating culture feels increasingly more Americanised, I hear heated debates about racial preferences all the time.

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Ruby Mc Gregor Smith, at one time the only female Asian chief executive of a FTSE250 company, underlined this in the programme when she said “If you’ve got preferences, I don’t think they would be different in your personal life than your work life.” The aversion to dating some minority groups that seems to be the issue here though.When participants did express attraction for other ethnicities, they tended to be informed by crude stereotypes.One guy said he liked “Asian girls because they’re more submissive”.Regardless of if you’re actually on dating apps or not, social media presents you with a world of choice where you can cherry pick your networks and get more of what you want.Now more than ever we feel like we know what we like, and can get it at the click of a button.Why is it that the name “Mohammed” got the most negative response from a list of potential date names?

Again, time didn’t allow for this to be properly explored.

The questions raised by the preference across the board for whiteness are clearly far too complicated to be fully unpacked in under an hour. On Twitter, for example, I watched several people dismissing the results by making the case that living in the UK, where the vast majority of the population are white, it’s not unusual that white dominates on dating apps.

After all, to cut out potential white partners would be to cut out almost 80 per cent of the people out there.

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