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Todd writes, “Throughout the night, she continuously dropped hints about vacations she would love to take with me, how excited she was to introduce me to her parents, and that she had already gushed to her friends about meeting me.While it was all very flattering, every time she did it, my insides cringed.

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Her friends consider her the go-to-girl when they are faced with a relationship dilemma.Paige currently resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado where she loves to practice her impressive shooting skills in her spare time.Check out more of Paige on American Guns or visit her website, “Everything“.Suzanne Oshima Suzanne Oshima is a Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette and the Founder of Single in Stilettos.Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette is an exclusive full service matchmaking agency for the hottest most eligible bachelors.For musings on dating, follow her on twitter: @tristan_coop.

To become an ace student of dating, it is all about putting what you learn into action.

“Taste-test” tons of different man candidates (Mandidates! Never judge too early, and always step out of your comfort zone and you might be pleasantly surprised, or maybe not so much, but at least learned something and had fun doing it, right?!?!

Tristan teams up with her good guy friend, Todd Johnson, to give us a “guys-eye view” on dating, with blocks of advice throughout the entire book.

– a single girl’s guide to falling in like, falling in love and falling into bed.

Check out her book in retailers nationwide, online and on her site:

Tristan Coopersmith is the author of the book MENu Dating.