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Our dialogue would go as follows: The wife is left feeling resentful and the man feels inadequate because he isn't getting a fair slice of the precious time his wife spends on the baby.Men and women change after having a baby, therefore the relationship changes, and all too often the man wants the woman to resume her pre-baby self far too soon.

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The problem arises when the man expects too much too soon.The new GT350 if a high compression car, so running boost through it would require quite significant changes.Another topic worthy of discussion is weight savings.A spokesperson for intimate toy retailer Bondara, who commissioned the research, said: 'From UK festivals to far-flung foreign lands, it is now possible to arrange an illicit liaison through a smartphone.'However, while hookup apps such as Tindr, Grindr, Bendr and 3ndr are increasing the quantity of sexual experiences, the quality is suffering.For many people there are huge benefits to fleeting, no-strings-attached encounters - but great sex is seldom one of them.Kids get sick, work priorities come up again, an argument with your spouse and before you know it, sex just jumped several items down on that list of priorities- maybe it leaped off the list altogether. Some people even think marriage itself is the culprit for the lack of sex.

If you are puzzled by what decreases the sex life between couples, here's a few hints and a few helpful tips.

For the partner that feels betrayed and the one who feels underwhelmed about the loss of sexual encounters within their marriage, it really is normal, not great, but normal.

Ups and downs are part of life, especially your sex life.

Not all couples experience an exponential drop in their sex lives post marriage- or so I hear.

I'm still waiting to meet the couples that continue vigorous and enjoyable sex lives consistently throughout their marriage- affairs don't count!

Time will tell, but our sources seem to believe that this car will be released 2018 model year, so we expect a preview in the Summer of 2016, if not sooner.