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Mcafee epo not updating

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Once the e Policy server is updated, the distributed repositories get their updates.Once the distributed repositories are updated, the clients begin their updating process.

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You could set a scheduled task to update an internal ftp site automatically and then get the clients to point to an internal ftp site as a repository when the clients connect You could copy the dat files down by batch file, i.e.All users when they next dial in will check on an intranet/FTP site on the standalone server (as instructed by management) for any DAT file updates and download then launch as necessary to their laptop.The current group policy allows them to download the DAT but when they launch the DAT it will block.I use the "enable global updating" option in e Policy.With this enabled, the entire process is automatic.The agents will communicate with this server and forward events to the epo behind firewall.

You need to ensure firewall rule is in place 1433 to "trust", and the agents have MA 4.5.

The default Windows 2003 policy as it stands allows users to download exe files but will block when user attempts to launch.

I know i could probably make them a local power user or admin but that will not be suitable.

e PO 3.6.1I want to test setting up an e PO server in the DMZ, we already have an e PO server in our domain (not in DMZ) and we are using SQL 2005 for the database, this is a seperate server.

Currently the e PO agents are configured to check the current e PO server, not in DMZ, then try the NAI site.

But as you can guess since some users do not VPN in as often as I would like my reports show the laptops are not updating although they probably are considering the e PO agents are configured to hit the NAI site, they are just not telling my e PO server they are current. If I stand up a new e PO server in the DMZ and point it to the same SQL database that the current e PO server is using, would this be a bad idea?