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Other performances in Europe and South America are already planned.

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A keen ornithologist, all of Messiaen’s music from the 1950s onwards includes birdsong, while much of his music expresses his Catholic faith.The work, for piano, several soloists and orchestra, was to respond to an official order for the centenary of Claude Debussy, in 1962.The trip to Japan by Olivier Messiaen and Yvonne Loriod in the summer of 1962 disrupted the development of this concerto.The investigation carried out in the archives of the composer deposited at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France revealed a major surprise.At the turn of the 1960s, Olivier Messiaen left unfinished the composition of a great concerto that he could have titled Les Oiseaux de l'Hérault.He regarded birds as God’s musicians, almost like angels.” Un oiseau des arbres de Vie is a challenging piece.

The orchestra is very large, the woodwind section including seven flutes and eight clarinets, while there is also plenty of tuned and unpitched percussion, and multiple changes of tempo.

This makes the present issue of a hitherto unreleased recording of the Vingt Regards all the more significant:.

By 1976, Kars had pursued a concert career of note for almost a decade, having been a finalist in the 1966 Leeds International Piano Competition and taken first prize in the 1968 Olivier Messiaen competition.

The fascination that Messiaen had for this country inspires him indeed Sept Haïkaï for piano solo and small ensemble.

Undoubtedly pressed by the deadlines, he resumed and adapted some of the themes of the concerto, to Sept Haïkaï.

(work reconstructed by Roger Muraro) On the occasion of the worldwide creation of the work to be held at Toppan Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on June 23, 2017, discover the genesis of this new score presented by Roger Muraro ...