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Match com profile not updating

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Unfortunately simply wait for the jobs to run aren’t good enough.

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Run the following commands to Sync the jobs STSADM -o Sync -synctiming M:5 STSADM -o sync -sweeptiming M:5 By default its set to STSADM -o Sync -synctiming M:60 STSADM -o sync -sweeptiming M:5 As stated by a few people in the comments, the trick with changing the synctiming and sweeptiming settings does not always work.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. The information is moved correctly from Active Directory to the User Profile DB because I see values like "Manager" and "Office" get updated but when I look at the user on any of the site collections those values are empty.I've also read an answer from Clayton Cobb on this Microsoft forum question stating that the User Profile Synchronization and User Information List are not related.His settings on Dot A CLIENT are fine: ** Hide Dota & Steam Profile UNCHECKED ** ** Expose Public Match Data CHECKED ** It appears that it could be a bug with his name as well, since he recently changed between Uppercases and Lowercases in his nickname, and now even if he changes his name, it doesn't updates in the Dot ABuff profile.. First, thanks for your polite reply, it really represents the mentality of overall players on Dot A.

Secondly: I said CLEARLY (would this if possible) the problem wasn't in match history, but in STATISTICS.

If you install MOSS, do an import, and go to the WSS profile, you’ll see a bunch of properties added that MOSS adds. If you want to add property values to your profile, you need to go to your MOSS profile from your My Site (My Site Details). If you take a look at the Timer Job definitions (Central Administration - Timer Job definitions), you’ll find jobs called Profile Synchronization and Quick Profile Synchronization.

These jobs should sync the changes to the WSS profiles.

It is a bit drastic to reboot the server simply just to force MOSS/WSS to update a property update!

Method 1: Use stsadm -o sync to force the property sync: •-o -synctiming changes the Profile Sync job •-o -sweeptiming changes the Quick Profile Sync job I have gotten the best results by changing the schedule for the Profile Sync job to run every couple of minutes (stsadm -o sync -synctiming m:2).

Is there a way to correctly synchronize between these two locations?