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"Start Trip" will delete active track and any active routes."Stop & Save" will stop the active trip recording, but not reset Trip Summary.

Power Saving - reduce backlight if battery level is 50% or lower.The software update version corresponds to your map database version: If you have map database version 27, your software will be updated to v2.62.POI Search: Removed duplicate entries for Restaurants.Compass will now remain calibrated between power cycle or resume from suspend.All maps loaded by the user can be deleted from the device or Vantage Point.User Grid Coordinate System (Based on Additional Coordinate Systems) - Added customizable User Grid functionality based on additional coordinate system, including Lambert Conic, Stereograph, Oblique Mercator, UTM, and Polyconic.

Area Calculation - The ability to calculate an area based on active track, saved trails, and saved routes.

Allow enable/disable position-to-destination line with active Goto.

Ability to display only "Found" or "Not Found" geocaches on the map.

Fix issue with Geocache list not showing closest cache from Geocache hard button.

Added ability to change scale in Road Compass page and improved functionality.

Removed the ability to delete pre-loaded maps (World Edition, Summit Series, City Series) from the device.