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Email me [email protected] text 813-924-3414 I'm in the US. Im looking for a friend to do diet xhallenges and give me motivation in fasting and stuff. Email me: [email protected] my name is Maëva, 15 years old, I live in France (13), I need motivation from someone who understand me, email me if you are intrested :) [email protected] on Facebook: https:// thanks!If interested please email me:) Hey I'm 19, US, 5'8. Looking for a pro Ana/Mia buddy as I sadly lost contact with my other buddy if you're out there email me!! Looking for a dedicated, hardcore fasting purging buddy who sets goals and reaches them with me.

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I probably won't read a reply so just kik me, I'm friendly so don't be shy :) 21,from Cali 5"2 cw:193 gw: 125 or below.i am both pro Ana and Mia.i have done this before but never really commited.i wanna commit I wanna change my more feeling insecure! I'm 17, 130 pounds and My goal is 107"Kik: anacontrolsme2, we might be able to exchange numbers from there Hi, Are you still looking for a pro ana buddy?? I get that I don't weigh alot ppl tell me I'm skinny but I see fat in the mirrior :( I'm 19 years old I'm 4ft 9-10 inches and weigh 100 lbs. I want someone to help me and tell me what to do cause I'm lost.... I need someone to keep me on track and even get a llllittle mean when I'm falling behind. Pls contact me on my E-mail : [email protected] Hey, I'm not sure how to do this and comment without replying to someone else. Please email me if you're interested in being my buddy. email me at [email protected] interested L) Looking for a mia/ana buddy. After going to college I really put some weight on me. I'm 5"3 and 112lbs now after 5 months of my own ridiculous motivation. If so message me and i can push you till you reach your ultimate goal. Umm I am 15 and 5,8 & one half I am 170 pounds I would really l would really love a Anna and Mia buddy that I could also just talk to too buy also kinda hard do you think any of you could help me I live in Gahanna Ohio Hey Elliebonjelly, I am also looking for an ana buddy, I happen to live in the uk, I don't know if you still want an ana buddy as it's now been a year since you've posted but if you're still interested then kik me - alicetomlinsonx or my email is [email protected] Hey I'm looking for an ana buddy as well as almost everyone on this page, I'm from the UK and I'd love to have someone i can talk to that isn't hating me for what I'm doing to myself.I need someone to take me under there wing and help/teach me kik me iwannabebella,or [email protected] I'm currently 119 pounds and 5 " 7 my goal is 100 pounds I really need a buddy I will be someone's project if they want just really need the help and support of people who understand me so please help me Heyy I'm 5'4 and 120lbs. If you or anyone else is interested Id really love to have you as my ana-buddy. Contact me [email protected] who wants a buddy contact me and say in your subject line ANA BUDDY thankyou Hey I know you posted a year ago but DL you still need a ana buddy? I am desperately looking for someone I can trust to motivate me and be really stict to help me get to my UGW and I can do the same for you... i need help im fat im 225lbs and im 15 im 5ft 10inches i live with my stepmom and dad and i try not to eat but my step mom forces me to eat so i go and throw it up afterwards i need help idk what to do Hey I really need an ana buddy but I can't find one:/ Is there anyone in Australia who's around my age (I'm 15) and could be my ana buddy? But I have been struggling with picking up with Ana for the last 2 years of my life. [email protected] if you just want to get to know me before you decide if you want me as a buddy! Just need someone to talk to and help me with my weight loss and reach my goal weight, send me thinspo and positive messages. So would love some help with tips, motivation and decipline. A Hi my name is Amber I am 15 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds. I would like a buddy to do challenges with and help me keep on track. Email me at [email protected] my kik is Mambi_Bambi Hey, I'm looking for a buddy, I don't mind either ana or mia. I really need some help getting to my goal weight, finding it hard at the moment! HW: 215 CW: 207 LW: 174 GW1: 190 GW2: 170 GW3: 150 UGW: 130 Contact: Email: [email protected] Kik: Emmaaa687 Message Me: ZL 248 AHP Gifboom: @emmaaa687 Tumblr: i-dream-that-this-isnt-real.hipsters-sretspih.uncategorized-human.straight-bi-gay-lesbian.Skype: Emmaa687 Thanks Hey. I'm 5’6 and 132lbs but would really like to be 120lbs.I've never had one before but I think it would really make this whole struggle and progress journey much less lonely and isolating. I need one and would like to text if your would like. I am 21, CW 165, UGW 110, 5'9" Let me know if you are interested :) My kik is perfect... Kik: cravingtobethin482 Email: [email protected] S I had to make a separate kik and email so my parents wouldn't find out so sorry about the strange names Hey Im 22 and looking for an ana buddy. I'm 5'10.5" SW:168 CW:150-155(mom threw scale away) UGW!!! I'm 15 and I live in Sweden but language will not be a problem. I want someone who is kind of new at this like myself. I'm 14, 5'2 and 121 pounds and I want to be atleast a 110- 100 pounds. This email isn't linked to any of the social networks I'm on. [email protected] there, I'm Ana (weirdly enough, named after the silverchair song). I'm often awake at odd times and frequently change time zones. I switch between binge eating and starving/purging (hence my high weight at the moment). I'm looking for a buddy, so we can motivate each other and help each other reach our goals.PLEASE Kik me: pure Bella_ I am 5'5 124 want to be 100 but the spring I was 118 but am I ADHD meds and got switched and so i hate my body and self right now and really want to have a buddy!! CW: 139 GW: 93 (hopefully by feb 2016) I live in Singapore. If you just want someone to talk to, whatsapp me and i'll add you in! Contact me on kik: Alexa C195 Hi, I'm Suraja I weight 110 and my goal is about 90. I'm looking for an Ana buddy to in courage me and motivate me. I really want an ana buddy so we can motivate each other and such. if you're interested email me: [email protected] can also text I'll give you my number through my email. :) I really need a pro Mia or Ana buddy PRONTO before I go back to school, I'm 5.3 and around 121 pounds I want to get below 100 pounds so I need to start starving and purging soon, I only have 32 days to lose 25 pounds!!!! My kik is Kawaii Khmer I'll give you my phone number when (if) you contact me. I want to loose weight fast but I need a partner to encourage me and I'll be loyal too. I'm both, so I hope that's okay :/ And I know this is really late so are you still looking for a buddy??? I really need someone to help me stick to my diets and fasting and send me thinspo, I would really really appreciate it. I would love a pro ana buddy to help keep me on track to reach my gw of 108.

Hi Lucy , do yo think You can still help me i 'm 5'7 and 120 i want to lose at least 10pou ds?? ) Hey my name is Megan, I'd love to be your Ana buddy! I'm 5'8 and I currently weigh 145 but I'd also like to be 115, my lowest was 90 but I've been hospitalized too many times and started binging... Please contact me on [email protected] soon as possible. Contact me on my E-mail : [email protected] my Name is Mia im 50kg (110 pounds) and 1,70m (5'4foot) Tall. i was anorexic and at this weight back in december, but i developed binge eating disorder and shot up to 127, and am also 5'5.

i am puting this blog on here for people to easily find a ana buddy. i remember how hard it was for me to find a buddy so hopfully this will make it easier for you guy! Hi I'm 17 years old, fat and fighting to loose weight. Contact Info: Skype: katmoscow7 Email: [email protected] I'm kind of a beginner at this I'm 17 (Almost 18) My weight now is around 285 My goal weight is at least 150 But I want to be to at least 200 by April (If possible) I would like a more experienced partner but you don't have to be. I am 5'9-5'10, and turn 15 in May My kik is @fattieana, and anyone is welcome to kik me (: I need an Ana buddy. I'm fasting for 30 days and I need someone to help encourage me. Height: 5'4 SW: 135 ibs CW: 128 ibs GW: 112 ibs Please kik me: sofilovberg I'm really nice so don't be shy:) I'm 14 and I would like to loose weight and become a anorexic.

i will also be able to contact anyone who wants to talk or needs help my email is Please don't be pro Mia. I'm not gonna lie I'm trying to starve myself to lose a couple pounds but bulimia will kill u faster than anorexia. I know it may seem like a lot to most but I don't want to scare my parents. I would love a pro ana buddy to help me out, and we'll share tips and support eachother. I would love if anyone even responded Thank You xoxo Hello! This is day two of the fast and I'm proud that I went an entire day with only water, but I was forced to eat a sandwich today, and I'm scared I'm going to gain weight. I don't care if you see this post a month from now or 6 months from now. My Kik is tomboy_skater I really need someone who will actually keep talking to me because every time I talk to someone, they talk for like, a day, then stop talking to me. I'm currently 140 and I would like to be 120 or less and I would like some help Sweetbabycakes103 ^^ is my kik [email protected]^^email me This is josie again the group is already finished.. I'm 16 and I weigh about 110 pounds and I'm five feet tall, I really need an ana buddy or a group to help me lose weight.

I'm looking for a german or english speaken texting buddy for motivating each other 24/7. Hi I'm new to all this myself I've had success at loosing weight where I have been really skinny but I just need an ana buddy to help me keep motivated and I also really want to help someone else as I no how ama Zing it feels wen u succeed.please email me!! let me know if ur interested I'm looking for an Ana buddy too. I've been dieting for 4 years, gone to rehab and have successfully lost all the weight I gained. I have a blog if you want to know more about me: REALLY NEED AN ANA BUDDY TO HELP ME WITHSTAND TEMPTATION CW:117 GW: 90 MY EMAIL IS [email protected] I WILL MOTIVATE YOU AND REMIND YOU OF ALL THE REASONS NOT TO EAT. Please email and keep me on track I need an ana buddy!!

Xx Hey, I know you posted in here ages ago but I just wanted to say I would live to have a texting buddy. I just want a support buddy and support each other because other people don't understand. I am 17 yo, 1.62 m or 5.3ft tall, and I weigh 114 lb or 52kg. Even if it's weeks or months from the time I posted on here. Hi, I'm 15 years old and I currently weigh 200 lbs and I want someone who can talk to me everyday and motivate me to not eat.

If you could email me back that would be really sweet we could exchange numbers or kiks. I noticed that we have a similar height, current and goal weights. 💜 cell: 1-224-944-8212 Email: [email protected]: angie-28 I need an ana buddy asap!!! hey im 12 and 183 i live in Wisconsin ,usa my goal is 90 message me on twitter ( noura0531 ) call me at 235-9310 leave me a message and say that your veronica ( idk right so wierd but my parents wont let me talk to anyone unless if its my friend veronica ) hey im 12 and 183 i live in Wisconsin ,usa my goal is 90 message me on twitter call me at 235-9310 leave me a message and say that your veronica ( idk right so wierd but my parents wont let me talk to anyone unless if its my friend veronica ) im samantha from oregon :) i was hoping to get a buddy around the same stats and time zone as me. 😘❤️ Stay Strong hey I'm Courtney and basically I'm a fat fuck and all I've ever wanted to do was lose fucking weight I just need someone's help and someone to help me through the rough moments. currently 5'2 and 55Kg, want to be 43Kg at least, also Im recently 18. Just email me if you want someone who has a lot of time, patience and advice. Im not pro rexia, but need someone to help me with my binging, discipline, motivation and excercise!! Email me- [email protected]'m 22, and looking for a 18 buddy who is on pacific standard time like me. I've been dealing with this eating thing for almost 2 years on and off , i hate myself cause i loose control every time i try..