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Married dating in crystal lake illinois

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That aside, she was also more supportive of her parents than her sister and brother realizing just how much of a struggle it was sometimes to put food on the table; that is, until she realized they had been unable to provide her with a college fund after Dan's bike shop went out of business. One day they would be down at the mall together playing pranks on the security staff, the next they would be bickering over household rules.

She can be somewhat distracted when the telephone rings and will spend hours talking to her friends.There was an element of jealousy involved – Becky saw DJ getting treats which she felt she never had and resented him for it.On the other hand, Becky did not physically and verbally harass him constantly, as Darlene often did.Becky gains her first boyfriend in the form of a middle-class boy called Chip who works at the local bowling alley.Becky cheats on him with Johnny Swanko aka the "Tongue Bandit" who is an eerie precursor to Mark.Subsequent to their marriage, they have fights more often than David and Darlene,their younger siblings (and siblings-in-law); however, they only split up once, for a very short time.

Mark tends to be dim-witted and short-tempered with an overly masculine attitude, but he is a reliable worker and a loyal, loving husband with good instincts; Roseanne's objection to him was mainly based on his disrespect to her personally.

On the other hand, she could also be very self-centered and did things because they were right for Becky and that she might get something out of the deal, not because they were right for anyone else or out of any sense of altruism.

She could also be quite stubborn, always telling her parents that she can handle things on her own, even if she really doesn't.

However, Dan refused to speak to her for a long time after she eloped, although he eventually reconciled with her.

Despite having a better relationship with her mother, in terms of personalities Becky was slightly nearer to her father; both are stubborn and do not take disappointments easily, but they are survivors and protective of their families Darlene and Becky often fought like cats and dogs whilst they lived together, squabbling over territory and status in the house.

At some point before 1987, the family vacationed by a lake where Becky caught a lung infection and both parents were terrified that Becky was going to die but she pulled through.