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Not only can it do almost anything, the interface is so intuitive that anyone can skillfully use it.

This track provides the information you need to properly plan and organize your IAM program, create or restart an identity and access management (IAM) strategy and ensure that processes and controls are implemented to gain real business benefits.All content within Lib Guides (links, RSS feeds, documents, etc…) can be integrated within any website using our easy-to-use widgets and powerful RESTful APIs.Turn your Lib Guides into an easy-to-use repository of librarian-created content and distribute it into Courseware, Facebook, Blogs, Discovery Layer, OPAC, or into any other website.Are you the most senior IT security professional in your enterprise?If so, you may qualify for the Gartner Senior Executive Circle, members-only leadership experiences for new, existing, and emerging senior IT security leaders.Drill down to individual guide reports to see how many times guides were accessed each month.

Produce reports detailing the success of your Information Literacy and Library Instruction programs.

The powerful built-in document management functionality integrates fully into Lib Guides and enables you to manage it all while your users get a single point of access for all guides and e-reserves content.

Learn More About E-Reserves Module Browse the Lib Guides community site and see what librarians the world over are doing with Lib Guides.

You're a busy bee, we know, so we made it easy and effortless to maintain your Lib Guides content.

With Lib Guides, your users always have up-to-date information - about your guides, about you and your staff... Real-time insight into your system usage, including hits on guides and individual assets.

These plans must be revised and resubmitted to EPA every five years.