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Malasyia dating net work online

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“Of the regions surveyed, Malaysia was the country most vulnerable to internet scams, with 46% of respondents saying they had been victims to scams—followed only by Thailand at 43%.

Alongside Telenor’s Internet for All strategy and the 2017 goal of achieving 200 million active internet users, there will be many more people online in the near future.Accumulate your Transaction Reward Points and start redeeming your rewards. Verification code will expire 12 hours after your request.“We encourage our netizens to be aware of potential threats and to openly talk with friends and family about online welfare.In the digital world, we must not forget our real world principles, such as, ‘if something looks too good, it probably is’,” Ola Jo said.The multi-market survey assessed 400 internet users aged 18 – 65 in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Thailand and was conducted to provide better understanding of the common online scamming methods.

The results additionally gathered the best prevention methods from experienced users, in order for netizens in Malaysia to gain more insight.

We hope the findings from this digital consumer study will encourage all Malaysians to be proactive in educating themselves to stay safe online, so they can enjoy the internet’s opportunities,” Telenor Group head of social responsibility Ola Jo Tandre said.

According to Telenor, the largest percentage of Malaysian scam victims had fallen for the ‘work from home’ fraud - a scam whereby users are either fooled into paying someone online to help them start a business, or undertake work but never receive payment.

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In Malaysia, all of those surveyed classified themselves as internet users, averaging nearly 10 hours per day on the web.