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Madonna dating justin timberlake

He recognizes that there are differences between what plays well in Playboy and what plays well in Elle, but he doesn’t go overboard trying to provoke or prove himself in either outlet.

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He tells Elle that his fantasy woman is “a pretty girl with a nasty mouth”, balancing out the predictable shallow demand for a physically attractive woman with the less-often emphasized but equally (face it, more) important expectation that she be good at talking.He is actually very good in Bad Teacher, because the role (as a substitute teacher who serves as the gold-digging main character’s object of acquisition) emphasizes all the things that usually work against him in his acting: the stiffness of his dialogue delivery, his eagerness to please, the more-than-slight smarminess. He knows that she is a gifted comedian and that he is just starting to learn.Still, he slips up a few times in Bad Teacher, smirking or moving in a way that makes you remember you’re watching Justin Timberlake, who can’t help but be awesome at dancing. No one is saying his singing voice doesn’t make listeners sexually develop or feel certain things when he slides into the falsetto.Nobody is suggesting that he does not look like he should be good at acting, or even that he isn’t funny in the SNL Digital Shorts.He answers Playboy‘s question about his black fan base correctly, unlike fellow purveyor of blue-eyed soul John Mayer (who bobbled it spectacularly).

Timberlake is instantly more appealing as an actor than Ashton Kutcher, because I don’t care if Ashton Kutcher ever gets vulnerable enough to show me something real about himself.

So why is it sometimes so hard to watch Justin Timberlake act? It is impossible to get enough positive feedback, enough confirmation that they are talented, worshipped, and loved.

A super-high-achieving person is never, ever satisfied. Somebody as high-achieving and talented as Justin Timberlake has to try to be great (not just decent, but great), at everything that strikes him.

And he can’t enjoy something if he isn’t great at it.

He seems to relish the constant challenge of new problems, particularly ones he can’t solve right away.

He does a Playboy interview solo and a joint-interview with Mila Kunis for Elle.