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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. The chateau of the Duke was destroyed at the French Re- volution; but the beautiful park and gardens deserve notice. When boiled, mixed with a little hay, and s^ninkled with a little salt, tiiey are much rdished by the cows, who thrive upon them and yield abundance of milk. It was bombarded and taken by the Eng^sh, under Lord Chatham in 1809, when a great part of the town was destroyed, and 300 of the inhab. This unprofitable and cruel crploit was the sole result of the Walcheren expedition, the largest and best-equipped armament which ever left the ihorea of Britain, consisting of 37 ships of the line, 23 Mgates, and 82 gun-boats, containing a force of 100,000 men, who might have carried Antwerp by a coup-de-mai D. Steamers to and from London, in summer 4 times a- week, starting from London Wed. There are 80 Bathing Machines on the beach, and the sands are very extensive and smooth, and crowded with bathers of both sexes, ^"^"orously clad in bath dresses, by order of the police. Pavilion des Bavns, has been established close to the sea, on this Digve. The stiffiiess of the figures is usual in paintings of the period at which these were executed; but the carel^ finish of the heads, — equal to t&at employed in the finest miniatures, — the exquisite character which they discover, and the beauty and vividness of the colouring, are rare and truly ad- mirable. There is another small altarpiece by Hemling, also with wings: the principal subject is the Adoration of the Magi ; at the sides are the Nativity and the Purification in the Temple. DE HERMANN, PRINT AND PICTURE SELLER TO HIS MAJESTY THE KINO OF BAVARIA, EOYAL PEOMENADE STEASSE, No. MAGAZINE OF OBJECTS OF FINE ARTS, PICTURES, PRINTS, DRAWINGS, AND LITHOGRAPHS.

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a prettily groined stairease in pne (4 its tourelles, and a chapel. In 1793 it was taken by the Alliefi, under the Duke of York and Gener^ Abercromby, after a siege of 84 days and a severe bombardment, which de- stroyed a part of the town: it wsjs Bslgiunu BOUTE 15, — 1. The country around Yalenciennes offers no picturesque beauty ; the rirers are sluggish, and have flat, iminterest- ing banks. In eaeh spandril of these arches is a circular ornament in Mosaic work, and above rise a very elegant triforium and lofty clerestory. They were then strengthened by additional masonry at the back, and eren now are remarkable for their light- ness and elegance. A fortress and deso- late-looking small town, with grass growing in its streets : it has 3000 Inhab. Dunkirk, nevertheless, is the best harbour which France possesses in the N. £loi, a handsome hut most incongruous frontis- piece to a Gothic building : in front of it is a fine detached Gotliio belfry con- taining the chimes. in extent, and cost annu- ally more than 2 millio Bs of florins to keep them in repidr. Such luggage is marked'^ in transit." yigilantes7§22A. The country is rich in an agricultural point of view, but flat, tame, and tire- some to other eyes than those of a far- mer. There is also a good pictm-o of the Last Supper, with Abraham and Elijah in the centre and at the side, by Peter Porbus. her horse, while hkwking with her hus- band near Bruges, having long con- cealed, out of affection for mm, the mortal injury she had received, render them objects worthy of considerable attention." The Duke wears a crown on his head, and is decorated with the order of the Golden Fleece. The chief manufacture is that of flax (which is cultivated in the vicinity), and is spun into ordinary thread, and twisted to form the kind called Lille thread, by old-fashioned machines moved by the hand ; besides which much linen is woven here. They were, in consequence, adopted by Buonaparte in his coronation vestments, in preference to l^e Jlews de lis, as sym- bols of ^e imperial dignity. There are some inter- esting specimens of domestic architec- ture in Toumay. The valley of the Schelde around Toumay is very fertfle, producing much com. The fortune of the day was in some measure decided by the bravery of the Irish bat- talions in the pay of France, who were driven abroad at that period by the poli- tical state of Ireland.] Bary Stat. The number and length of the avenues and high hornbeam hedges, with windows cut in them, intersecting the grounds in all directions, form the singiilar and characteristic feature of the Park. Notwithstanding the care with which they are oontinusdly watched, a rupture took place, in 1808, in the great dyke of West Kappel, by which a great part of the island of Wah^eren was in- undated ; the sea stood as high as the roofs of the houses in the streets of Middelburg, and the destruction of that town wasprevented solely by the strength of its walls. Ostcnd pre- sents more frequent opportunities of reaching London than either Antwerp or Botterdam. As a fortress Ostend forms Ihe first member of that great chain of defences which were intended to protect Belgium on the side of France. A wooden planking affixed to the railing of the chapel conceals them from view. Bino have likewise the Sole Dej^t in Frankfort of the Porcelain of the Royal Manufactory of Dresden ; and at their Establishment may be seen the most splendid assortment of Figures after the Ancient Models, ornamented with Lace-work of the most extraordinary fineness ; likewise Dinner, Dessert, and Tea Services; Plates, Vases, Candelabras, Baskets, &c. The apart- ments are furnished throughont in the English style ; the rooms are carpeted, and the attendance^ as well as the kitchen and the wine-oellar, is well provided. Li6ge to Aix-la-Chape Ue Aix-la-Chapelle to Diisseldorf \ — to Cologne ; London to Ostend . The tall chinmeys of numerous mills, even within the walls, announce the active industry which is working here, and show the imusual combination of a fortress and manufacturing town ; while the country around, and indeed a large part of the Departement du Nord, is like a hivfe in population and activity, not unworthy of bein^ compared with parts of Lancashire and the West Riding. In nis coffin were found a great many curio- sities, now deposited in the Biblothdque du Roi at Paris ; am(mg them the ^^Go Lden Bees," with which his royal r(^)es are supposed to have been studded. in the Grand Place is a very elegant Church in the Romanesque style. Martin, with its Gothic church, is now converted into sail Mtelde Ville ; and adjoining it isa shady walk called the Pcurk^ and &e Bo- tanic Garden. Perkin Warbeck, the pretender- to the thrtme of Henry VII., who gave himself out as one of the princes mur- dered in the Tower, was, by his own confession, the son of a Jew of Tour- nay. from Toumay, is a square structure with turrets in the comers, probably of Roman origin. Though the result was un&vourable to the Eng- lish, the skill shown by their com- manders and the bravery of the troops were highlv creditable to them. The most ancient monument in the town is a tower called Tow du Bmrbard, which probably dates from 1150. firom Ath, not far off the road, is Belml, the patrimonial estate of the Prince de ligne, celebrated as a d^ lomatist, a soldier, and an author. It con- tains some interesting historical relics and works of art ; paintings by Diirer, Holbein, Van Dyk, Velazquez, L. Eosa ; also a collection of firearms, fix)m their invention. A large portion of the country being thus partitioned out, as it were, by dykes, even should the outer or sea- dyke break, the extent of the disaster is limited by these inner defences, and the further ravages of the flood are pre- vented. The victors paid dearly for their conquest; all that they gained was a plot of ground covered with a heap of ruins ; for their cannon had levelled every house with the earth; and they lost 4 other towns, which were wrested from them by the Dutoh while their armies were engaged in this unprofitable enterprise, llie noise of the bombardment was, it is said, heard in London at times. Allard ; a charge of 50 cents per person is made for show- ing them. SCHMITZ, PROPRIETOR OP THE GOLDEN STAR HOTEL, Bias leaye to recommend his Hotel to English Travellers. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. miles from Lon- don to Frankfiirt, by Eotterdam, Antwerp, and Ostend. The fine Stadhuls (Town Hall), 2 churches, and more tban 100 hous M, were destroyed by the bombs and Gon- greve rockets of the English, Within tiie walls there is nothing but the usual singularities of a Dutch town (^ 10) to excite the attention of a stranger, but at West Kappel the construction of the dykes is seen In the greatest perfection. On each side of the cover are 3 medallions, the smaller of which con- tain angels playing instruments, the larger a coronation of the Virgin and the glorification of St. On one gable end is the Virgin and Child, on the other St. On the long sides are subjects from the legend of JSt Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins at Cologne. Ursula was the daughter of an English king ; with a train of 11,000 virgins, her lover Conan, and an escort of knights, she made a pilgrimage to Bome. The arrival at Rome ; the Pope receives the pilgrims. Ursula in the camp of the Emperor Maidmin, on the banks of the Bhine. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. At this pobit there is a gap in tiie Dunes, and the country behind would be at the mercy of the sea, were it not de- fended by a dyke 4700 yds. of the Imperuil province of Flanders, of which it was ihe firontier town in that direction. Martin is unfinished, or in part destroyed; what is left is very beautiful, and said to be by the architect of Amiens. Roch inter- ceding with our Saviour to aj^ease the plague at Alost, by Eubens. On their return they all suf- fered martyrdom at Cologne. "These little pictures are among the very best productions of the Flemish school. QUAI DU JARDIN DES PLANTES, (Two Doors from the Hotel de France). Bass's and Allsopp's Pale and Burton Ales, Stoat, Porter, &c. Boufiler B, the French com- mander, after a masterly defence, was compelled to capitulate, but upon the most honourable terms. The celebrated Va- lenciennes lace is manufactured here, and a considerable quantity of fine cambric. The present choir, begun 1100, in the pointed style, 110 ft. 75 c.; — Chaperon Kouge) ; a considerable fortified town and seaport, with 25,400 Inhab. Travellers should be on their guard against drinking water, which is filtered rain-water. ({ 6.) The Passport' Office and Oustwn'house are both near the harbour : they open at 5 A. in siunmer, to prevent delay to passengers who may desire to pro- ceed on their journey. They may be conve- niently visited in the following order : — Start from the railroad station, close to which is a Capuchin convent, by the Rue Zuidzand, which leads to the Ca- thedral (rt.) ; thence to Notre Dame, which is at a short distance to the S. Sebastian and Con- vent of English ladies ; return by Rue and Pont des Cannes to the Academic and the Grande Place. Of the pic- tures which it contains some are curious for their antiquity, and most as con- tributions to the history of Flemish art. aisle hangs a small picture with shutters, representing the martyrdom of St. The pulpit is one of those specimens of ela- borate carving in wood, so common in the churches of the Netherlands. There is a grandeur about the upper part of the Virgin's figure, and in the turn of the head and in the features, which resemble some of M. The tradition in Bruges is, that a vessel which was con- veying it to England was lost on the neighbouring coast of Flanders. The effigies of both father and daughter, made of copper, richly gilt, but not displaying any high e; Lcellence as works of art, repose at full length on slabs of black marble.

(This is not for the use of merchants, but travellers.) A HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN BELGIUM AND UP THE RHINE. At difl Srarent periods, and under different masters, it has stood seven distinct sieges ; the one most memorable &r an Englishman was that by the allied armies of Marlborough and Eugene, in 1708, of three months' duration, during which the war was not merely waged abov# ground, but the most bloody cpmbatg wei^ fought below the surfiice betfreen the miners of the opposite armies, each endeavouring to sap and undermiue the galleries of his opponent. Near it the "Rngliab^ under the Duke of York, met with a severe defeat from the French under Pichegru, May 18, 1794, losing 1000 killed, 2000 prisoners, and 60 cannon. This town, with 20,000 inhab., is famed for its manufac- ture of table linen. Here is the Bel- gian custom-house, and the jimction of the railway from Toumay. Originally the choir was about I the length of the building, and terminated in an absis similar to those of the tran- septs. ; — Hotel Marion; — Cour Imperiale ; — Lion d'Or; quiet. Fair dames, grave citizens, and warriors bold — If fancy could portray some stately town, Which of such pomp flt theatre may be. South ET, It has still many objects of interest, which deserve at least a day to be de- voted to them. Sang; thence by the Rue Haute, Pont des Moulins, and Rue Molenmaersch, to the Jerusalem Church, beyond which, near the rampart, are the garden of St. side of the Staen street, leading from the railway into the town, is a Gothic building, externally of brick, and ugly ; but wi Siin, the handsomest church in Bruges (date after 1358). Notre Dame (Onze Vrouw) is a church surmounted by a tall brick tower, with stunted spire, less remark- able for its architecture than for the works of art to be found in it. is a statue of the Virgin and Child, said to be by Michael Angela^ and believed by Sir Joshua Reynolds to have certainly ^e air of his school. Maximilian, the l^t scions of the house of Burgundy, and the last native sovereigns of the Netherlands.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. The distance from Flushing to Ant- werp up the river is reckoned to be about 62 m. Biervliet was detached frtm the con* tinent by an inundation in 1377, which submermd 19 villages and nearly all their iimab. deep, and wide enough to admit vessels of vciy large bora^i. A stone bridge, built 1820, connects it with the fine suburb of La PSeherie. The pulpit of carved mahogany, with a bas-relief of the Ascension, deserves notice. door is the so-called ffouse of Count Fgrnont, a fine example of the late flamboyant in domestic architecture. Nicholas^ though much altered by repairs, conflagrations, &c. The entrance is behind, in the Bue Longue des Marais. high in the centre, consisting of 2 tiers of 15 small and 20 large brick arches, carries the railway from the station across the narrow valley of the Wurmbach, in which Borcette is built.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. 5 Bingen f Biidesheim i ^ Mayence ) ' * Frankfurt (Bailrd.) "Wiesbaden . Dutch industry and per- sevoranoe have long since recovered every acre. It serves also as a drain to carry off tiie water from the district through which it passes. The University is a truly handsome modem edifice, with a noble Corinthian portico, copied from the Pantheon at Rome, built partly on the site of a college of Jesuits. 43 tlie amp Miheatrc, vkere academic meetings are held and the prizes are distributed, are Tery fine, exhibiting great taste, and reflecting the highest credit on the architect, M. The Museum of natural history is of considerable extent, without any claim to great superiority for its collections. The Hdtel de Ville, not far from the Belfry, has two fa9ades in totally dif- ferent styles of architecture: having been built at intervals between 14, according to 3 or 4 different £ng. The terminus stands midway between Aix-la-Ghapelle and Borcette. A good view is obtained, a little beycmd it, of Aiz- la - Chape Ue, and the Lousberg behind. from Aiz, stands the Castle of Frankenburg, an ivy-clad and ruined tower of oonsidera Ue antiquity, to which a more modem edifice (date 1642) is attached.

The making of tulles and cotton lace has fallen off. An extensive establish- ment (Magnanerie) was formed here by the government of the King of Holland. Its meadows, manured with wood ashes, bear excellent grass. The departures on ooth sides are so arranged as to avoid (excepting in ex- traordinary cases) all landmg in boats. p.) as compared with uieir tonnage (190 tons), and their light draft of water (5 to 6 ft.) enable them to save the tide, and to perform the voyage in 4 or 5 hrs. The only thing worth seeing, and the most agreeable spot in Ostend, is the Digue, a sea-wall 40 ft. long, extending between l£e sea and the ramparts, faced with stone and paved with bricks, which forms a public promenade, and commands a wide ex- tent of dunes and flat sands to the sea, not a tree being visible. of the high altar, and a painting in the style of John Mabuae (16th cent.), representing a Madonna (Mater Dolorosa) in the centre, with 7 scenes from the life of Christ roimd it, deserve to be looked at. DE VILLE, 35 the pride of the city and admiration of travellers, painted by Hatis Hemling, or more eon-ectly Memlingy and presented by him to the hospital out of gratitude for the succour which he had received while a patient in it, suffering from wounds received in the battle of Nancy, 1477. 31, (opposite TBI HOTIL DK RU88IB,) XANUFACTOET OF ABTICLES DT STAG'S HOBV, DEPOT OF DBESDEN CHINA. Besides the above-named objects, they have a superb assortinent of Clocks Bronzes, Porcelain, and other Fancy Objects, the productions of Germany, France and England.

482 16 J i4 Mayence to Frankfurt 22 — to Mannheim46i^ London to Flushing . In the spinning of cot- ton lille is a formidable rival of the English. Lime is found in abundance : it is quarried in many places and exported far and wide. The cultivation of the mulberry and silkworm has been introduced at Mes Un TEveque, near Ath, appmrently with good success. The whole province is most fertilf and productive, especia Hy in com and madder, which may be considered the staple. Between Dover and Ostend there is now a daily mail communication by first-rate iron steamers, belonging to the Eng Ush and Belgian governments. Neither the public buildings here, nor the churches, are remarkable, except to those who have never before seen the paraphernalia of the Homan Catholic religion. A richly carved Gothic balcony, of the pew of the family of Gruthuyze, on the 1. BING Brothers beg respectfully to invite the Public to visit their Establishment, where they have always on show, and for sale, a most extensive Assortment of Articles in Stages Horn, of their own manu&cture ; consisting of Brooches, Ear-rings, Bracelets, Pen and Pencil-holders, Seals, Ink-stands, Watch- stands, Snuff-boxes, Cigar-boxes, Whips, Walking-sticks, Knives, Card-cases, and every description of article for the Writing and Work Table, besides Vases and other ornamental objects too various to be here enumerated. Bino have also the i Bnest Copies, both in Biscuit-China and Bronze, of the Statue of Ariadne, the Chef-d*ceuvre of the Sculptor Dannecker, of which the original is in Bethmau*s Museum at Frankfort O. &c., in the Antique Style, ornamented with flowers in relief, and the finest paintings. ** The STAR HOTEL has been honoured by the visits of the following Members of the English Royal Family i — 1846.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Below &is both banks of the Schelde belong to Holland ; but, after passing the termination of the island of Zuid Beveland, the river flows through Bel- gian territory. A.) The vi Uaffe Nirm is seen just before we enter ue cutting leading to' the Nirmer Tunnel, a costly work, though- only 327 yards long, which carries m» railway tlnough the basin of hills whicfai surrounds Aix. Conrad of The Cathedral begim in 1248, Hochsteden, has remained up to the present time a fragment, and ha^ very nearly become a ruin. Orders for Tables and other Ornaments executed to any Design.