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Louise bonsall dating

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Everton fan Terry - named after Michael's 48-year-old father - was a talented schoolboy footballer.

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Michael is dating long-term girlfriend Louise Bonsall but has no plans to marry.Owen is living in a happy family with father,mother,elder brothers , sisters and a dog. "We always had confidence in him but we did not expect him to develop at this pace.He is very mature - he listens and that is his forte."He is fully aware of the pitfalls he could face but he is very much his own man and just accepts the media attention and seems to enjoy interviews.'' Mrs Owen, also dismissed speculation that after his successful tournament her son could be tempted to leave Liverpool for one of Europe's top clubs. Schoolmate Craig Robinson, 18, who used to play in junior teams with Owen, said the England striker's success was down to the amount of hard work he put into the game.for England's schoolboys," Owen said modestly after England lost the penalty . Michael Owen has no night life."He won't go out drinking ,"Mrs Owen said that. He wants to go abroad with his family and his girlfriend to have a television in Hawarden.Back in the comfort of his Hawarden home after playing a 9-hole round of golf with his father, Michael spoke exclusively to the Daily Post about his mixed feelings about being back home."I am obviously delighted to be home and able to relax but I would prefer it if I was still out there." Asked about how he felt about all the attention he was receiving at just 18, he simply said: "It's great." Owen said: "It is a shame we did not stay out there longer but it is nice to be home." After being welcomed home by his family he drove to his see his girlfriend, Louise, who lives just a few roads away, before returning to spend his first evening back in the UK with his parents. I want to keep on scoring goals and stay away from newspaper articles and the media which will destroy my football. "I spoke to Michael after the game by the team coach and he was very upset but we are very proud of him,'' Mrs Owen said.Michael Owen also said that he loves Louise very much and he thinks that he is very lucky to have her.when he was asked about his marriage he said its too early to tell anthing about marriage yet.

Maybe after four or five years more he'll get married..thats what he said to the media!

He said: "Amanda and Terry want to be left alone - they do not want to talk about this."" Terry Robert Owen is named as the father on Ellie's birth certificate and he accompanied Amanda when she went to register the birth.

Both parents gave separate addresses when asked where they usually live Amanda, who has a second child by another father, relies heavily on the support of her own parents who live in a pounds 120,000 detached home on the edge of Hawarden.

Single mother Amanda Preston has been left to raise baby Ellie Louise alone, just half a mile from the pounds 150,000 Owen family home in Hawarden, North Wales, which Terry shares with pounds 20 million teenage striker Michael, their two sisters and their parents.

"It's the talk of the village," a friend of Amanda's said.

However the brothers remain close and Terry insists he has never been jealous.