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hemivertebrae, spina bifida -Anal malformations i.e. Delayed repair (gastrostomy first) for all other patients.Repair consists of muscle-sparing thoracotomy, closure of TEF and primary anastomosis. Most important predictors of outcome: birth weight, severity of pulmonary dysfuntion, and presence of major congenital cardiac disease.

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Hirschsprung's disease - congenital aganglionosis of colon starting with the rectum. With this technique, Hirschsprung's disease will be diagnosed early before it is complicated with enterocolitis. series - the procedure of choice in diagnosing malrotation of the intestines.Whether interruption of this normal event leads to tracheo-esophageal anomalies, or during tracheal growth atresia of the esophagus results because of fistulous fixation of the esophagus to the trachea remians to be proven. EA causes excessive salivation, choking, coughing, regurgitation with first feed and inability to pass a feeding tube into the stomach. If diagnosed late, malrotation of the intestines or Hirschsprung’s disease can become life threatening or result in life long problems. Esophageal Atresia Esophageal atresia (EA) with distal tracheo-esophageal fistula (TEF) is the most common congenital anomaly of the esophagus, followed by EA without TEF also known as pure esophageal atresia and pure TEF. The trachea and esophagus initially begin as a ventral diverticulum of the foregut during the third intrauterine week of life. It can be unsafe to rely on parents to observe their infant for problems resulting from the above conditions. Other urinary tract anomalies which may be associated with severe hydronephrosis. This is usually not difficult in instances of complete high small bowel obstruction or when plain films of the abdomen show calcification and/or a distal small bowel obstruction with the contrast enema showing a microcolon or a definite malrotation of the colon (cecum in upper mid-abdomen or left upper quadrant).

It is important that it be definitely established that the infant has a surgical problem before surgery is performed.

Few gas filled loops beyond duodenum indicates jejunal atresia. Many gas filled loops (requires 24 hours) indicates some form of low intestinal obstruction. Parents may not call before the infant gets into trouble with enterocolitis. Suction biopsy of the rectum is probably indicated in all cases of so called meconium plug syndrome or small left colon syndrome.

Meconium ileus (an unfortunate misnomer)- obstruction of the distal small intestine by thick undigested meconium. Meconium plug syndrome - obstruction of colon by a plug of meconium. Whether or not a suction biopsy of the rectum is done before the infant goes home depends on the clinical setting but the safe course of action is to do the rectal biopsy before discharge.

Contrast studies are rarely needed and of potential disaster (aspiration).

Correct dehydration, acid-base disturbances, respiratory distress and decompress proximal esophageal pouch (Reploge tube).

These cell masses will divide the foregut into trachea and esophageal tubes.