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Version 3 Release 4, July 2005 • | Several limits on COBOL data-item size have been significantly raised,| for example: o | The maximum data-item size has been raised from 16 MB to 128 MB.

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You can use the Debug Tool MOVE command to assign values to national data items, and you can move national data items to or from group data items.Roger Williams Editor Phone: 304-558-5914 COBOL TEST JCL PROCEDURES AVAILABLEExt.8889 [email protected] is the text of a recent memo from Mart Denison, Data Center manager, to selected IT contacts.1 2.o | The maximum OCCURS integer has been raised to 134,217,727.2 3.| This support facilitates programming with large amounts of data, for | example: o | DB2/COBOL applications that use DB2 BLOB and CLOB data typeso | COBOL XML applications that parse or generate large XML documents • | Support for national (Unicode UTF-16) data has been enhanced. _____________________________________________________________________________ ----- S H A R E DL O G I C ----- THE DATACENTERNEWSLETTERNUMBER200AUGUST 2006 ______________________________________________________________________________ OPERATING SYSTEM UPGRADE: A SKIP AND A JUMP SHARED LOGIC The Data Center recently distributed the following message to is a publication of the various Help Desks and posted it on our Web site: Data Center “The Data Center continues to test a new release of the enterprise server’s operating system software.

We currently use Version 1, Office of Technology Release 4 of z/OS. DEPARTMENT “We have made good progress in preparing for the new release, OF ADMINISTRATION but considering the remaining tasks and the forthcoming annual disaster recovery test (when we need to have a stable Joe Manchin III environment), we have decided that Version 1, Release 4 of z/OS Governor will remain in production until sometime after the October 7-10, 2006, disaster recovery test.”Robert W. Cabinet Secretary That wasn’t an idle comment about good progress: we really have been doing well with the new release.

”Following are the two exhibits referred to in the memo: EXHIBIT AMAJOR CHANGES TO ENTERPRISE COBOLSummary of Changes: Following are the major changes that have been made to the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS product since IBM COBOL for OS/390 & VM Version 2 Release 2.

Technical changes are marked in the text by a change bar in the left margin.

• A new national data type, national literals, intrinsic functions, and two new compiler options provide basic runtime support for Unicode.

The new compiler optio n in support of the interoperation of symbols used in literals and PICTURE clauses is: o NSYMBOLThe new compiler option in support of national data types and literals is: o CODEPAGE • Object-oriented syntax now facilitates the interoperation of COBOL and Java programs. • The CICS translator has been integrated with the compiler.

Current Proc is the name of the current supported procedure name and Test Proc is an equivalent procedure with the new software.“Please share this information with your workgroup.