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Through my own experience in the LGBT community, I have concluded that although the societal views of alternative lifestyles are becoming more open and accepting, we still find ourselves in the position of trying to find happiness in our lives while confronting misconceptions, judgements and misunderstandings about what alternative lifestyles and what LGBT love is all about.We need our own community, our own village, if you will, to turn to when we have questions, when we are struggling with fulfilling our desires and needs, when we are just looking for honesty, sincerity and in need of more options and avenues for finding partners that are compatible.

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You are alone, we have lots more Adult Fish in America just like you, each wanting to meet sex mad men and women for open-minded no strings attached sex...Meeting people, getting to know each other, starting new relationships and navigating the waters of emotions and differences has always been one of the most exciting, but also one of the most challenging aspects of dating.As a whole, we can all relate to these struggles, however those of us in the LGBT community experience not only these challenges, but others that are unique to our lifestyles as well.In such a case, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best ones among the hoard.Thus, we bring to you the 5 best LGBT dating sites editor reviews.LGBT dating sites have become quite a rage nowadays.

The internet is full of a wide array of LGBT dating websites.

What this means is that the site is not full of spammers, scammers and middle aged men pretending to be women that fill the FREE dating sites and ruin the whole experience.

But what we do offer is better than a money back guarantee, because we don't even ask you for your credit card details until you have found a like minded adult fish (or a shoal of fish) that you want to meet.

These 5 best LGBT websites include Adult Friend Finder, Bi Cupid, Out Personals, Pink Cupid, and TS Dates.

Have a look at the individual reviews of these websites and find out which one is the best for you, according to your interests and preferences.

Whatever your tastes there are lots of Adult Fish out there that want to share them with you.