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Learning to be accomodating

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It is regrettable that although this is the most powerful mode of online learning, it is least often used in traditional school settings.It’s time to transform schools into 21st century learning organizations, where we fully embrace all three learning purposes and modes.

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There are those, and a lot of people are in this category, who do not have the discipline necessary for the on-line environment and these are adults in graduate degree classes.There are various models and practices in use throughout the country that do seem to work and level the playing field and, most critically, close the gaps.However, no one way seems to do it all for all kids.All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.Close This Window Darren Beck says: All due respect to Dr.It is fine that there are numerous folks in any aspect of life who are out to make the highest amount of money without honoring their obligations because they are a very small, though highly visible minority.

There are no silver bullets with regards to student achievement.

In this mode, the learners are not just consumers of information, but collaborators who work together to develop a collectively built body of knowledge and information.

This learning mode achieves significant gains over traditional knowledge transfer and distribution modes (as a wide spectrum of publishers from textbooks to newspapers are rapidly discovering).

And parents consistently give high approval of choice options, so there has to be a great deal more to all of this than meets the eye. It is not fine that there are these sorts of people like that CEO, but they do exist. Those of us in education who are not afraid of innovation and who stick with doing what we feel is best for kids overwhelm the folks just in it for a buck because they only see money to be made and we see it as investments for the future success of all students. My point that not all of us involved with virtual education are the same, not do we want to be.

Otherwise, thanks for a great spread of ideas, concerns and the promise of possibilities for all kids. (Unless by making that sort of money, we have increased student achievement!

When online learning emulates traditional schooling, where teachers download and distribute knowledge and information and when the learner’s primary purpose is to access knowledge and information, it is difficult to show significant effectiveness gains over traditional teaching and learning that is not mediated by digital technology.