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To make sure your world-changing technology is not lost forever, your team must escape Silicon Valley to discover the secret-sauce before it’s too late.In a race against the clock and diminishing runway, this fully immersive startup journey will have you: recruit reluctant co-founders, crash conferences, get rejected from incubators you’ve never heard of, run out of money (repeatedly), and more!

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Reason's escape games are located in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco, California.Second neighborhood meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 19, Shields Middle School, to inform and collect input from adjacent property owners and area residents about the district’s plans to build a new high school in Ruskin/Balm in the South County Area.District is proposing to acquire an additional 5 acre parcel adjacent to the school site, shown in the presentation. Surrounding property owners will receive a notification letter with facts and future next steps in the process.Keep your spirits high, because as Steve Jobs said, "sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick -don't lose faith."Reason gamifies technology exploration and enhances teamwork through a carefully crafted Sci-Fi experience.Players are locked in a room, and they have to solve a series of puzzles to escape within a set time limit.Teamwork remains the singular sustainable competitive advantage that is most difficult to measure and achieve.

Reason's embedded game mechanics is a large group activity that allows you to easily benchmark your team around key performance characteristics.

Gain insights, and unlock your team's full potential. For 30 participants please contact us so we can best customize your team's experience.

Looking for large group activities and large group team building events in San Francisco? This is probably one of the best "Escape the Room" setups I have seen.

In order to access information regarding current and future attendance boundary changes, please click more information.

The reactor has been sabotaged and your team is trapped in the control room together unless you shut it down. It's a full-immersion brain teaser that weaves the fiber of science fiction into actual-reality. The bubble has collapsed and your 🥓 startup,, is about to implode.

AFHS supports programs dedicated to children, youth, families, immigrants, seniors, persons with disabilities and individuals with low incomes.