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She was featured in Lee Jung Hyun's music video for "Crazy", which was released in Korea in May 2009 and was choreographed by Brian Friedman.She also serves as Assistant Choreographer for Hip-Hop legend Missy Elliot and has appeared in her music videos for "WTF," "Where They From," and "I'm Better." Comfort's choreography work can also be seen in Karmin's music videos "Didn't Know You," and "Blame it on My Heart," as well as directing and choreographing Nia Sioux's music video "Just Rock." She later competed alongside Tahani Anderson as her all star mentor on Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.

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It gave us Bruno Martelli and his nimble, synthesier-playing mitts, the fleet-footed Leroy Johnson and of course, dance teacher Lydia Grant who banged her cane to the ground and uttered those immortal lines: 'You want fame?She studied musical theater at Wright State University and played a role in Show Boat.She was also a member of short-lived girl group Eden's Crush.There was Doris Schwartz (Valerie Landsburg), the Susan Boyle of her time who could transform the current in a room with her mellifluous tones.There was Leroy Johnson (Gene Anthony Ray), a fabulous dancer in tight, tight shorts who certainly knew how to furnish a lunchbox.Comfort is now writing and continuing to pursue her career as an actress and singer in Los Angeles.

The movie won two Oscars, spawned a long-running TV series, begat a West End musical - and prompted countless numbers of us to sport leg warmers and leotards at highly inappropriate moments.

The show ran for six years and if some of the students seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to graduate, well, none of us were complaining.

There was Bruno Martelli (Lee Curreri), he of the soulful eyes and Leo Sayer perm who constantly waged battle with his synthesiser against his purist mentor Benjamin Shorofsky (Albert Hague).

And there was Julie Miller (Lori Singer), the cello-toting, token posh bird who bowled up to school every day in a cab.

The appeal of both the series and the film lay in our willing these bright young things to succeed and become the stars they were so desperate to be and long after the series ended, audition shows like Fame Academy, Pop Idol, Britain's Got Talent and X Factor took up the slack by offering a stage and the all-important chance of peak-time exposure.

So as in the original, the idea is to examine the real work and talent it takes to be an artist.'We wanted to follow the same sort of time arc of the original, which was to follow the characters through four years at the High School for Performing Arts.