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Honestly this 70% formed the core of my geography preparation .

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NS covers about 70% of the syllabus in her class notes .Hence the need to maintain topic wise notes and continuously add points to it .For instance after the Uttarakhand and Kashmir floods , I got to know about a new concept of critical power for floods mentioned in one of the magazines .About 80% all notes are repetition of each other and you will waste a lot of time .Overall her guidance helped me in the exam for I did not have to go through many books to get my basics and fundamentals of geography .I stuck to this one source and kept on adding information concepts from other sources like internet , test series , reference books etc .

It served me well for I did not hop from one book to other and just used my time more efficiently to plug the gaps or weakness I found after having established sound knowledge in the subject .

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I for instance have not read the book by Khullar but managed to get 138 in paper 2 so my strategy worked there .

With just 258 in optional I donot think I am the best guide for geography anyhow If my experience maybe of some help so here it is !

Apart from having scientific orientation , easy availability of coaching-materials and the perceived high success rate , some parts of the syllabus like economic , environmental and human geography greatly appealed to me .

For instance the civil wars in Africa and Middle east and ensuing crisis can be added as illegal migration , refugees and shown with a map incase a question on migration is asked .