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People develop safety behaviours and avoidance techniques that can severely restrict their lives because they don’t want to feel it. The truth is that it is not, I only turned my life around when I finally accepted that I had anxiety and it was not going to go over night, I shook it by the hand and said “If you are going to be around for a while then we may as well get along”.

The more desperate you look for recovery, the further away it can seem as you are putting so much pressure on yourself to feel better and making it your whole life.The constant stress and battle to feel better is what kept me in the cycle, it consumed me and my day. I know we feel like we must keep on top of things, to get the better of this thing, but it has the opposite effect.One of calmest and most together people on the planet are Buddist monks and their whole belief is to just be, to not over think or worry about things.Since my own recovery I have a new outlook on life and don’t worry about trival things or things I can’t control.I am also a far more forgiving and laid back person and it is what I learnt through my own recovery.But he said once they had them surrounded and made it clear that they knew they were in there, then they all lit a cigarette up and felt a sense of calm. K the game is up, come and do what you have to do’.

I felt that story reflected me and my anxiety, I feared the feelings for years and tried to keep them out, once I gave in and allowed myself to feel this way then there was a sense of relief and I felt calmer.

Just so there is no confusion, when I talk about doing nothing, I mean no longer trying to fix or figure it all out, not doing nothing by sitting at home looking at the ceiling.

Go out and live your life, uncomfortable or not, take all your insecurities with you and feel it all at will.

Yet this is what most people attempt to do and just end up more entrenched in the habit.

I say the opposite and tell people to feel it, to go towards it, do nothing to try to get rid of it.

The trouble with all this is it takes a lot of time up and I am forever on with a project and I will be the first to say certain things have suffered as a result as it takes time away from other things.