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Joe dempsie dating

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And then there's wee baby Owen, who did that weird thing on TV where a character ages faster than everyone else to move a plot along.If "Oy with the poodles already" or "Kropogs" means anything to you, Stars Hollow holds a very special place in your heart.

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Serving up challenging subjects including eating disorders, drugs and bullying along with a side portion of good old fashioned teen angst, the show had garnered a cult following by the end of the first series.What's not to love about a show that has whispers of all that is mostly evil, a hot dad (who lives in Brooklyn with those kids), and a severely underrated angel named Dorota?, Josh Schwartz introduced us to Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, and Ryan Atwood's dirty tank top.To this day, many are still not over the outcome of Kevin and Winnie's love story, even if the show reminds us that "things never turn out exactly the way you plan them." Somewhere, in an alternate TV universe, Kevin and Winnie are lounging at their second beach house after receiving news about the birth of their fourth grandchild.bravely swam in controversial waters as it covered everything from mental illness to substance abuse to sexuality.From her days at Chilton to Yale (and beyond, with Netflix's revival in 2016), Rory was the epitome of what it means to work really, really hard at your dreams while dealing with a mostly terrible lineup of boyfriends.

The word "mostly" is used here because Jess Mariano will always be her one true love.

Over 10 seasons, the show dealt with serious plot lines involving drug abuse, alcoholism, date rape, domestic violence, racism, suicide, pregnancy, and AIDS.

It also gave viewers very serious crushes on David Silver and Dylan Mc Kay. The fictional town of Capeside was a nice escape for those who were also trying to figure out what it was they wanted in life, and how their crushes, weird BFFs, and family members fit into their grand plans.

Save for a random season two storyline (sorry, Landry and Tyra, but the murder was just weird), was the source of the good stuff. And then there's the beautiful Tim Riggins…Joss Whedon's prized movie and subsequent TV show paved the way for all the supernatural faves of today (see next entry).

Has there ever been a TV character more sensitive and raw than Matt Saracen? Buffy Summers embodied everything any 16-year-old heroine should be: fearless, curious, and strong-willed.

For six emotionally crushing seasons, viewers joined the Salingers at the dinner table to watch big bro Charlie deal with his own problems while taking care of his brothers and sisters after the death of their parents.