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Jimmy kimmel dating staff

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Seth Dixon, the bungling groom who dropped the $3,000 diamond engagement ring while proposing to his bride, Ruth Salas, on a bridge in a Kansas City park on September 9, shared the news on his Facebook page on Wednesday, stressing that staff at the late-night ABC show knew that the old ring had been recovered on Saturday, but decided to let them keep the replacement anyway.

While discussing a number of topics, he dished on his lady love, Meghan Markle and her time with the Royal Family during Christmas. Actress Heather Menzies-Urich, best known for portraying Louisa von Trapp in the 1965 film “The Sound of Music,” died Sunday night.The Missouri couple who lost an engagement ring during a flubbed proposal, only to be surprised with a much large diamond - and a chance for a very public do-over - on Jimmy Kimmel Live!this week had found the original ring days earlier, but kept it a secret.It is unclear if Dixon and Salas are planning to keep two rings.They are scheduled to walk down the aisle on October 21.set, complete with a backdrop resembling Loose Park and a brand-new engagement ring from Kay Jewelers.

Something old: Turns out, someone had found the lost ring days before the couple's appearance on the show (pictured after recovery), but they kept it a secret from the public, even though they did tell ABC staff about the find According to the jewelry store's website, the show has gifted the couple a Neil Lane Bridal ring with a 1 3/8 carat oval-cut diamond mounted onto a 14K white gold band, which comes with a price tag of $7,299.‘We have been completely honest with them during this entire process,’ Dixon wrote on Facebook a day after getting down on one knee before his fiancee on national TV.

‘Even with them knowing everything, they still decided to bless us with a new ring.‘After the show, we again mentioned the ring situation.

They again said they wanted us to keep the new ring!

A viral video showed him desperately grabbing at the $3,000 diamond engagement ring before it dropped into the lake Uber driver Dixon and his fiancee Salas, a substitute teacher in Liberty, were told they were being flown out to Los Angles for an interview with 20/20.

Then they were led to believe they were just being invited to sit in the audience for Kimmel to watch his show.

Urich said his mother died on Christmas Eve, surrounded by her children and family members.