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In Java I have to have cumbersome quotes and plus signs on every line as I concatenate my multiline string from scratch. I'm concerned about maintainability and design issues. Edit: Two answers say String Builder.append() is preferable to the plus notation. Edit: To clarify my question further, I'm not concerned about performance at all.

String Builder, on the other hand, copies and reallocates less frequently (though it still does both when you exceed the size of its internal buffer).You might want to load them as resources, perhaps in XML or a readable text format.The text files can be either read at runtime or compiled into Java source.If you end up placing them in the source, I suggest putting the Pluses are converted to String Builder.append, except when both strings are constants so the compiler can combine them at compile time.At least, that's how it is in Sun's compiler, and I would suspect most if not all other compilers would do the same.The reference URL mentions setup requirements for Maven for annotation processing.

I can't figure out what might be needed, if any in Eclipse.

And you probably have to configure Eclipse to not reformat automatically your javadoc comments.

One may find this weird (javadoc comments are not designed to embed anything other than comments), but as this lack of multiline string in Java is really annoying in the end, i find this to be the least worst solution.

If you are just upset that the language doesn't support multiline literals then this is the wrong place to complain about it.

This is an old thread, but a new quite elegant solution (with only one drawback) is to use a custom annotation. A project inspired from that work is hosted on Git Hub: The drawback is that you have to activate the corresponding (provided) annotation processor.

does not use String Builder: the compiler glues them together and puts them into the .class file as a single literal, same as with other types of constant folding. The Project Coin process for enhancements to Java included multi line strings….