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The wide variety of forums provide me with something new to study everyday, so I never get bored and I continue to advance.Plus, the teachers are very professional and well-qualified, so classes are interesting and worthwhile.

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But the moderator won't bog down the discussion with tiny corrections of grammar or word choice the point is to practice real communication in Japanese.* To become a JOI member, and reserve the free Chat Events, please first purchase the 3 Trial Lessons.I can both improve my Japanese and learn about other countries’ customs and cultures.So, with compelling valuations on our side, let’s step away from the political noise and address some of the key macroeconomic issues.The Economic Backdrop Public sector debt remains high, but as already described by Eric Lonergan in a previous blog, the Bank of Japan owns a large part of the outstanding government debt (around 40%) suggesting that this problem is frequently overstated.Over time, this is likely to improve ESG standards at company level and in particular to reduce the use of complicated cross-holding structures that still characterise several Japanese companies.

Although the success of “Abenomics” might be debatable, Japan’s economy seems to be on the right track and the overall macroeconomic picture points towards a benign environment for Japanese corporates going forward.

Japan has also been enjoying a strong and steady decline in its unemployment rate since 2009 to a mere 2.8% as of last July, together with an increase in labour force participation rate (mainly driven by an increase in female labour force participation).

Most importantly from an equity perspective, corporate earnings have continued to improve, so much so that latest delivered earnings per share numbers were above where analysts expected them to be twelve months ago.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and everybody has the opportunity to participate.

Using the free chat events, quizzes and teachers’ blogs is a great way to supplement the classes.

Use text, audio, or video for Japanese conversation practice with Japanese native speakers.