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Jang geun suk dating

, as well as the films White Night and The Front Line.Go Soo first appeared in a soft drink TV commercial, followed by a role as an extra in the 1998 music video "Last Promise" by the band Position.

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Jin-wook asks her the reason why she left him and she replies that it was just a one-night stand. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in CEO Eun Hwan-Ki. So-Rim has fallen in love with Han-Gyul at first sight and has made up her mind to find him and confess to him.Do check out which guest came out on each episode The plot follows a class of high school students attempting to overcome the stress of being ranked by their exam grades, and facing the difficulties of being a teenager in a high-pressure, corrupt system.Its central protagonist is Ra Eun-ho artist but is caught up in the search for a mysterious troublemaker in the school, known as 'Student X'.He was discharged on April 25, 2008, and received recognition for being an outstanding Public Interest Service Personnel.For his first post-army project, Go surprised fans by choosing a stage play.Three years later, the two meet again when Yoo-mi becomes a nutritionist at the company cafeteria where Jin-wook works.

They pretend to not recognize each other, while fighting their attraction for each other.

Through many encounters, Han-Gyul at first rejected So-Rim due to her age and due to the fact that they both don't know each other.

However, with her beautiful voice and pure young heart, Han-Gyul falls in love with So-Rim.

Shot by actor-singer Ryu Si-won, a photography hobbyist who used Go as a muse, it was published as a commemorative for Go's Japan fanmeeting on November 1, 2008.

It was also released as a DVD with approximately 100 shots.

When she is accused of being Student X, her dream of going to university to study art is put at risk as she faces expulsion.