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Jack wagner dating

“Laura and I would get into these laughter fits,” she explained.

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But GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) and his former THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL wife Ashley Jones (ex-Bridget) have never commented on their rumored relationship... The two actors have confirmed to that they are a couple!Jack, 36, has a less romantic vision of their life together with Peter, now 5, and Harrison, who turns 1 on Dec. “He should be a standup comedian,” says Josie Bissett (who plays Jane Mancini). I keep calling [producer] Aaron Spelling and saying, ‘Jack here. I’ve only got four or five scenes a show.’ And he goes, ‘Jack who? Born in Washington, Mo., the son of Peter Wagner, a car salesman who died in 1990, and his wife, Scotty (“she’s alive and well and still 28,” says Jack), he took up golf at age 10 and spent his teen years planning on becoming a pro.“He makes me laugh so hard I can’t even do scenes.” This may be part of his plan. Performing on stage was just an extracurricular activity for him at the local St. “He has always been an entertainer,” says his friend Jim Powers, a former teacher at St; Gertrude who is now his personal manager.According to the site, he and Locklear, 50, "still love each other very much," but they ditched wedding plans out of consideration for their children.PHOTOS: 90s TV stars then and now Wagner explained that coordinating their big day became so all-consuming that they missed out on quality time with their kids.Since all this happened on ABC’s General Hospital, true love won out: Malandro’s Felicia Cummings returned to Wagner’s Frisco Jones, much to the delight of the soap’s fans.

But unbeknownst to all but a few of the actors’ close friends, romance was blooming in the real world as well.

“Sure enough, I passed [the idea] by her, she started on the show and it’s just been fantastic,” Jack recalls.

IN 1989, KRISTINA MALANDRO FACED A terrible dilemma.

She paused, and she’s so funny, she goes, ‘Well, is it under the sink? We had to have someone else read the lines because we just couldn’t get it together.” Although was never big on happy endings, Bissett imagines her character has moved on from her ups and downs with her ex-husband, Dr.

Michael Mancini, and has found a picture-perfect life.

(Locklear has a 13-year-old daughter, Ava, with ex Richie Sambora; Wagner has two sons with first wife Kristina Wagner.) PHOTOS: Stars who found love on set Further complicating matters?