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Is rihanna dating chris brown again 2016

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Despite the brutal beating his daughter suffered at the hands of Chris Brown nearly 7 years ago, Rihanna's father Ronald Fenty is on board with the idea of a reconciliation between the two.

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Brown hasn't showed any signs that he'd treat her well, not if his past and even his present with Karrueche Tran serves as any kind of a massive hit, and part of Rihanna's success is due to her raw and intense lyrics.One of the highlights of ANTI is easily "Love On The Brain," which may be the most direct comment on her past relationship with Chris Brown yet.For those with a short memory, in 2009 Brown was found guilty of assaulting Rihanna and sentenced to five years probation and a restraining order against the singer. But when it comes to these two, the story just seems to keep going.Here's what's happening between the tempestuous twosome.“He would reunite with her in a heartbeat.” We're sure that he would.

Fortunately, even though Rihanna refuses to shut the door in the face of her ill-tempered ex altogether, she isn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get back into his bed.

While we’ll never forget the rapper’s swoon-worthy profession of love for his on-again, off-again leading lady at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, we’re taking a look back at the pair’s history in an attempt to decode their relationship status, which may be difficult considering Drake and Rihanna’s years-long past – filled with breakup and reconciliation rumors that have left our hearts emotionally wounded. After wrapping filming on Rihanna’s sexy music video, Drake appeared alongside the singer on tour, often recreating their sultry moves for concertgoers.

If you’ve been following along since day one, totally.

There's already bad blood between the two men: reportedly, Drake was part of the reason the reunion between Brown and Rihanna fell apart back in 2013.

And reports have been swirling that the duo has been spending a lot of quality time together on-set and off, resulting in Brown tweeting some ambiguous yet hostile messages to his followers regarding the two (and their new hit single).

The lyrics include lines like, "I run for miles just to get a taste/ Must be love on the brain/ That's got me feeling this way/ It beats me black and blue but it f***** me so good." Additionally, many have noticed that the title itself sounds similar to "Heart Ain't A Brain," a track Brown recorded while dating Rihanna.