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Is not dating in high school bad

is not dating in high school bad-35

They want to send me to a therapist, but I don't want to go because 1) I'm not comfortable with opening up to another person, let alone a stranger who's being payed to listen to my problems and 2) I've tried therapy before and it has never worked.

Jocks are sports fans with few or no other interests who are popular for the sole reason of being good at sports.Of course, all of this may or may not be rubbish if you do not agree with the given definition. I and a group at my school are emo, and we dont cut. People think i'm weird but honestly i like being different from everyone else.Otherwise, designating a specific associated intelligence is completely arbitrary. they may act like they don't have brains, but it's most likely just that. bc i know a LOT of "jocks" that are actually very smart, they just choose not to show it and goof off in class. No, its short for emotive hardcore, a music genre that started in the 80s by a band in Washington D. Most people who believe that "emos" including emos themselves, commonly make this mistake. But it is a typical question we are asked by "popular" people.i'm belonged to the group of emo's at my old school and honestly if people come and talk to us we are cool and we will talk to them.people stay away from us cuz we look "intimidating" which i always found funny! Some people say they admire me for sticking up for what i want to do and ignoring all the hate-full comments.I don't enjoy being alone most of the time in school, but I don't hate it... People act nice to me meaning I'm known throughout the school, but I understand their game...It sucks how people portray me as that weird white kid, just because I've never really reacted to them being horrible and now they think I'm gonna get back at them lmao.Let's not be narrow-minded, emo n ive never cut myself, i occansionally wear skinny jeans, i do have the stereotypical emo fringe but i wear it back an awful lot!

n i normally try to stay out of peoples way (so im not an attention seeker) bc i get bullied bc im an emo.

Emo stands for emotive hardcore, not emotional, but I feel like it has become these days. And, as far as genres go, isn't that how a lot of stereotypes or styles are born?

Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, even *cries* My Chemical Romance, who are supposed to be a part of the "Emo Trinity," have gone away from their roots and turned into punk pop and alternative rock... I mean, emo (as a "style") is just a product of punk and new-wave, which both are taken directly from genres of music. You could say that *my* emotions get in the way of everything, but I don't sit around pretending that nobody understands or feels as deeply as I do.

i do wear eyeliner but no more than any normal girl wud! i dont cry in class- well i do occasionally, when i've had a stressful day.

to all: emo is neither a style nor a "I want attention" stereotype. its not their fault if they just feel emotions stronger than others do. but im not the "stereotyped" emo, but im still emo, when the day's all done. People, you've got to remember that this is a list for high school STEREOTYPES.

Everyone stares at me like I don't belong there, also even the group I hang with ignores me and don't talk to me or hang out with me outside of school.