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Is ludacris and letoya luckett dating

All I’m going to say is that we do the craziest things in the name of love [].

She gives her man an ultimatum, either let her go or step up and be the Prince Charming she’s been longing for.Are they on the same page about everything all the time? That’s the other thing I wanted to showcase in the miniseries: communication and how vital it is to work through tough situations.I don’t want to give anything away about the new episode, which comes out next month.In the lyrics, I sing about having a hard time moving on from a relationship -- and come right out of the gate saying this might be my problem, not yours. Inspiration behind the project’s movie miniseries: I felt that people needed a visual.We’re quick to blame others a lot of times in those situations but this time I wanted to do some self-reflecting. Remember the old-school days when Michael Jackson would come out with a video? And it would be a movie, not just a regular music video. This was a story that needed to be told; something that I had gone through and knew people could relate to.“I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off,” says Le Toya Luckett of being back on the promotional circuit after a seven-year hiatus from music.

“But I’ve missed being on the road, so this is fun for me.”The Grammy Award-winning original member of Destiny’s Child and actress just released her third studio album ’s Adult R&B Songs tally with the title track. 6 on the chart, the song is paving the way for the singer-songwriter’s newly released second single “Used To.” Both singles’ accompanying videos are the initial chapters of a three-part movie mini-series that has garnered more than 4 million views on You Tube. Luckett’s self-described “unintentional hiatus” was actually more a matter of simultaneously balancing her burgeoning career as an actress.

Do we keep on walking into grey Don't know now But do we turn around, play it safe and take it slow now I need to know now Oh, I need to make sure that we Know exactly where we need to be [Pre-Chorus: Le Toya Luckett] And for the first time in a long time things ain't so clear And as much as I wanna hold on, I know if we stay here I'll never see my fairy tale, I'll just be another nightingale If you never plan on setting sail, then why keep me here?

[Chorus: Le Toya Luckett] There's no way we can stay in the grey We don't have to fall in love If that ain't what you want, oh But it's not okay for us to play in the grey We don't have to fall in love But I know what I want, ooh [Verse 2: Le Toya Luckett] What do we do now?

Later, in talking about what we can only assume was a whirlwind relationship, Luckett said that she couldn’t see herself going into 2018 without being Mrs. , the two exchanged vows yesterday in Austin, Texas at the Villa Antonia.

Luckett’s good friend Pastor John Gray, who told her Walker was going to be her husband when they first began dating, officiated her ceremony.

Her credits include roles in the OWN series about being summoned by Warwick for the role as well as challenging herself creatively.