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Is jonathan rhys meyers still dating reena hammer

(He’s back on with longtime love Reena Hammer, who was by his side for the event.) But are they engaged? The Irish actor has openly struggled with substance abuse issues for years and NBC executives expressed concerns about his ability to not drink.

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Celebs celebrating this weekend: Kevin Spacey will be 49, Kate Beckinsale will turn 35, Mick Jagger will celebrate his 65th, and Sandra Bullock will be 44.As always, our opinions and projections are A) our own and B) impeccably fail-safe. the accompaniment of an AA sponsor, has apparently tumbled off the wagon, having been charged yesterday with "public drunkenness and breach of the peace" at the Dublin Airport. It's a proven fact: Even the least consequential gossip item becomes 200 percent more enjoyable when slathered in a healthy coat of inscrutable British slang.In the boozy, line-blurring haze of the moment, the actor swore he'd have "every present officer's head lopped off in the public square just as soon as I'm done invading Spain! And he's also not related to Jonathan Taylor Thomas, born Jonathan Taylor Weiss. The network reportedly paid Meyers a per diem and declined to give him his full salary, roughly $100,000 per episode, until the entire season was shot so production delays could be avoided.The actor was considered to be a liability after several alcohol-related incidents delayed the filming schedule of his previous show, .Lane was recently spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Los Angeles.

Meyers was previously involved in a long-term romance with heiress Reena Hammer for eight years.

Taxi & Limousine Commissioner Geoffrey Zakarian is turning 49.

Former Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming is turning 61.

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Apart from all this, he has done musical roles and is a vocalist too.