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Is john cena dating kelly kelly

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There were many questions when Kelly Kelly came about, and to this day she remains one of the most popular divas and a fan favorite all over the WWE Universe.

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Later it is speculated that it was all just a set up.“But that’s sex.” Miley said, and then a lot less confidently added, “Isn’t it?Once he was inside Selena quickly shut the door and said, “Disney girls don’t have sex.” Miley frowned.If not, you tried.” There was another pause and then against her better judgment Miley nodded her head, “Ok.” Selena beamed and practically ran to her hotel room door, opening it up quickly and calling out, “You, in here.” Seconds later one of Selena’s bodyguards walked inside.That didn’t last too long though, Selena soon sucking the cock louder than ever before.It was a potentially treacherous conversation to continue, but…

Maybe Selena could finally do something she’d been planning for a very, very long time.

Then again Miley had arrived early so they could socialise and this was something deeper than typical small talk.

” Selena offered, for quickly adding, “Because like I said, this wouldn’t be.” “Then what would it be?

Miley Cyrus had been hoping against hope that somehow Selena hadn’t heard her slip up, or that she’d only imagined herself saying something so stupid out loud.

no.” Miley said, sounding more convincing the second time, “It’s just…

k…” Selena said slowly, quietly noticing how Miley didn’t sound totally convincing, “What makes you say that?