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Is dating a pothead bad

One commenter blamed marijuana for her husband accusing her 11-year-old child of stealing from the supermarket. When the walls of a stoner's mind begin to look as if there were an interesting experimental film being projected onto them, staring into someone else’s face may become comparatively boring. Yet when your beau borrows the key and sticks it in the lock of your mind, the security alarm is activated. Perhaps there are lasers shooting across the floor. There will be times when, overbaked and sad, you will wish the person next to you would just win the entire Mortal Kombat tournament so that there would be nothing left to do but talk to you.

Without individual, private imagination space, we’d have nothing to talk about after you finally win Mortal Kombat and the final intimidating voiceover declares “FINISH HIMMMM!I told him that he sometimes hurts my feelings, and can be a little rough around the edges. I told him I was hurt that he chose to get high over being with me. I told him I was waiting for a sign for him to show me he wouldn’t be getting high constantly for the rest of his life, but he came up short. This is his decision and his life, and he can do what he wants with it, regardless of what I think.He told me I provoke him, and accused me of just being "extra grumpy" when he smokes. I was angry he couldn’t see how he was affecting me. My only hope for him now is that he will get the help he so desperately needs.But it was still a more appealing post-joint activity than leaving my house and talking to people.Leaving your house and talking to people may be the difference between smoking pot a lot and smoking pot too much.But for many of us, marijuana helps maintain a private and necessary corner of our psyches, a place where we condition ourselves to be more functionally social people when we’re not stoned.

It facilitates an understanding of ourselves that makes us better people to hang out with, on dates or just friendly-style. Psychological isolation from the person you love is crazy-unpleasant, whether it’s drug-induced or (can I posit that this is more common? But maybe we get into trouble when we don’t allow the people we love to have their own experiences, even when they’re sitting next to us when they’re having them.

Though a small percentage of the world probably wishes this weren’t the case, you can’t have genitalia without people attached.

In fact, a vocal subsection of America is made up of people with genital relationships to stoners.

He is a hockey coach, and had to coach a tournament in Delaware. I simply let him know that his continued behavior would eventually tire me out, and I’d let myself out if it came to that.“I feel like I’m losing you,” he said to me in the car that day. I have gone through my own darkness more than I can count. My boyfriend is a wonderful person, and part of me could have fallen in love with him.

Going into the weekend, I already felt uneasy about his excessive pot use. But when he’s high, he’s only a fraction of who he is when he’s sober. But the person standing in front of me -- whose brain is swimming in THC -- is not someone I'll allow myself to fall for.

I was aware that addiction was something he could easily fall back into. I was so proud of him: He had taken control of his substance abuse, and worked hard to make a better life for himself. It became very clear to me that I'm dealing with two people: one who I may love a lot and one who I don’t care to know. It makes me sad to think of the pain he must feel in order to constantly need to get his mind away from it.