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Over the years, parts of the castle have fallen away, most famously in 1639, when the castle kitchen collapsed into the sea below, taking eight people with it, and leaving just one small boy cowering in the corner.It is said the screams of the doomed residents can be heard reverberating to this day, particularly on stormy nights.

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His ghost now haunts the library, searching for the note, and for closure.Originally built as an Abbey, the site soon expanded to become a fortified castle.The castle changed hands several times over the next few centuries, with many of the owners extending it further until it became the sprawling relic it is today.Harold apparently told Yeats that he hates people coming into what he sees as his house, and he tries to drive visitors away by haunting them.Yeats performed an exorcism and told the child to walk the house no more.In it, Marsh details how Grace, the niece he raised as his own, had fled in the dead of night, married an unscrupulous sailor, and consummated the marriage.

As an Archbishop, Marsh was heartbroken by the news of Grace’s godless activities, and he never recovered from the grief.

While many ghosts are said to haunt the world because they were killed or betrayed in some way, some spirits are not mad—they are just disappointed.

Such is the case of the ghost of Archbishop Narcissus Marsh, who haunts Marsh’s Library in Dublin.

The castle is said to be haunted by a wide variety of spirits, such as the ghost of a monk, presumably from the site’s days as an abbey in the 12th century.

In the attic, it is claimed that you can hear the marching of Cromwellian soldiers, who seized the castle in 1650 during the invasion of Ireland.

He spent the rest of his career oppressing the local people, and it is believed that his spirit is doomed to remain earthbound because of some unspeakable evil he committed.