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Filtering options are available through parental control software.

Discussion Boards: Also called Internet forums, message boards, and bulletin boards.Some of the things you can screen for include course language, nudity, sexual content, and violence.Different methods to screen unwanted Internet content include whitelisting, blacklisting, monitoring activity, keyword recognition, or blocking-specific functions such as e-mail or instant messages (IM).These data can still exist even after the browser history has been cleared and e-mail messages have been deleted.Electronic mail (e-mail): An electronic mail message sent from one computer or mobile device to another computer or mobile device.Despite the critical need for measures to protect children from accessing harmful materials, the law was immediately challenged and blocked by lower courts, and has become the subject of an epic legal battle, still raging today.

The permanent injunction against the enforcement of COPA remains in effect today. COPPA: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, which went into effect in April 2000, requires websites that market to children under the age of 13 to get “verifiable parental consent” before allowing children access to their sites.

Favorite(s): The name for bookmarks (see above) used by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

File Sharing: This software enables multiple users to access the same computer file simultaneously.

CDA prohibited knowingly sending or displaying “indecent” material to minors through the computer, defined as: “any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image, or other communication that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms of patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs.” The Act was immediately challenged by a law suit by the ACLU and blocked by a lower court. However, the court reaffirmed the application of obscenity and child pornography laws in cyberspace—an important victory for the protection of children online.

Chatroom: A location online that allows multiple users to communicate electronically with each other in real time, as opposed to delayed time as with e-mail.

Within a closed system, children cannot go beyond the network whitelist of approved websites, also referred to as a “walled garden.” Cookie: A piece of information about your visit to a website that some websites record automatically on your computer.