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Before joining Ne XT, Siamak was the Chief Operating Officer of Microstat Development Corporation.During his two years at Microstat, he was responsible for the day-to-day operation of this publicly listed R&D firm.

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Siamak began his career at Vertigo Systems International.After college, I immigrated to Vancouver Canada, lived there for seven years, found the most beautiful and magical woman in the world and was fortunate enough to marry her.Being married, my highest priority was to live somewhere that my “kids to be” could speak Persian freely, have Persian friends, go to Persian restaurants and grow up knowing their heritage. Through a whirlwind roundabout way, as dictated by my career, I lived in the Vancouver, San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey and Arizona, till I finally arrived in LA in September 1993.As president of a small publicly listed software development firm and the chief operating officer of another, Siamak has extensive small business management knowledge.This, combined with years of experience as a software developer, places him in the unique position of having hands-on knowledge of technical, marketing and management issues; the very combination required for the creation of successful Internet presence.What is your own professional background — prior to Infostreet?

Here is my “professional bio”, right off of our web site. Siamak Farah is the founder and CEO of Info Street.

Prior to his eight years at Info Street, Siamak worked at Ne XT Computer side-by-side industry visionaries the likes of Steve Jobs.

During his six years at Ne XT, his responsibilities grew from technical sales and marketing to district sales management.

Initially hired as a systems administrator, he soon rose to be team leader for the development of a 3D-animation software package.

Ultimately, he became Product Integration Manager and Customer Support Coordinator.

During his time at Vertigo, he was instrumental in its growth from a startup with just six people to a full-fledged business employing over 70 individuals.