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Intj dating enfp

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That being said they are often very comfortable being single.

They want to learn from others and absorb all of the new experiences that they can.ENFJs enjoy being around people and thrive in romantic relationships.They are capable of being single but that just means they will be taking out their need to care for someone on their friends or family.They are perfectly comfortable being single and like the opportunity to explore new avenues in their personal lives.Spending time with friends and focusing on work often, the ENTJ has enough to keep them preoccupied while they are single.They aren’t likely to bounce around from person to person, and are more likely to wait for something meaningful.

ENTJs actually do very well in relationships, and prefer having someone in their romantic lives.

They are more likely to enjoy being alone, while they search for the right person.

ENTJs are very independent but also strongly enjoy the company of others.

Of course after long periods of time anyone is bound to become lonely, the INFJ doesn’t require a constant romantic relationship to feel satisfied.

They thrive on deep and meaningful connections and are willing to wait for something real instead of just jumping into the first relationship that comes along.

They desire deep connections and can often have high expectations for relationships.